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Queen of Your Own Life

7 Positive Facebook Pages To Inspire You

by Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff

When we decided to surround ourselves with positive people, we found they were everywhere. We only needed to open our eyes and our hearts to find them. Once we did, we were in awe of the creativity and passion with which they share uplifting images and thoughts each day. And, we’re finding them on Facebook.  Just like the Queen of Your Own Life Facebook community, we’re filled with hope to find so many people creating communities that hear the message of the practice of happiness through the voices of these page creators.

So we’ve put together our own list of favorites:

7 Positive Energy Creators on Facebook

The Greatest Things in Life Can’t Be Touched Diane Marconi shares quotes from inspirational people, illustrated with brightly colored posters.

Di  Riseborough, Intuitive Life Strategist Di Riseborough’s philosophy is the “F”  words; as in Face your Fears & learn to Forgive so that you can Flourish in Life.

Believe Debra Wilson posts about keeping a positive perspective on life.

Living Life Debbie Kemp encourages us to keep on laughing to face life’s challenges.

I’ve Got Something Positive to Say Danny C. Woods Jr. has something positive to say, every single day!

Women’s Tea Time Cindy Lamothe has created a page with short, inspiration messages that refresh like a break for tea.

Know My Worth Christine Morgan’s faith in the worth of every individual is uplifting.

We love discovering new sources of inspiration. If you’ve got a page to share, share the link in the comments below so the whole community can enjoy what you’ve discovered or created.

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4 Responses to “7 Positive Facebook Pages To Inspire You”

  1. Jamie Simpson says:

    Thanks so much for your website, your book, and everything you do. You’re good for us. If you’re ever in Kemmerer, Wyoming, look me up. I would love to have you come speak to the women here. I love my life, and love my litte “po-dunk” town and have lots of friends here. From your inspiration, I have been able to be okay with not letting my youngest come back and live with me because it’s not healthy for me to be around him alot. I’ve always been the pushover and one that contributes to his addict behavior and I have finally figured that out. Thanks so much for your inspiration!!!

  2. cindy says:

    Queen Jamie, Our heart goes out to you. Setting boundaries with our family, especially children, is one of the most difficult things. We support you and we’re here to cheer you on!

  3. Rita Viola Rain says:

    Looked at all your suggestions and liked them ALL!!! Thanks for the info. Now I will have even more “spiritual vitamins” to read every day!!! THE QUEENS RULE!!!

  4. cindy says:

    We’re so glad you liked them Queen Rita. We’ll be suggesting fun new pages each week, when we find inspiring and uplifting pages to share.

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