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Queen of Your Own Life

A Queen Dusts Off Her Sense of Humor

Dust off her sense of humor

One day she looked in the mirror and glimpsed the truth – life was meant to be enjoyed – with or without a hat. She decided to dust off her sense of humor and find someone to share a good, deep laugh with. – Queenisms™

We wish hats would come back into fashion. Hats can convey a sense of humor, an attitude of authority or so many other moods. We love this picture of a group of women and we adore the confidence that shines on their faces. Maybe it’s the hats or maybe it’s the friendships. Either way, they gave us a smile and we like imagining them gathering and laughing together. So here’s to the healing power of a big belly laugh with friends. Have you ever experienced that?  With who?

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2 Responses to “A Queen Dusts Off Her Sense of Humor”

  1. I have always loved buying and wearing hats. Around 40 some years ago, I happened to notice that I was the only on wearing it at our county fair. It was turquoise with a big feather. I heard a man behind me say to his wife, “Why don’t you ever wear a hat?”

    Nowadays it’s common/ Mine was very large and looked great with my jeans.

  2. cindy says:

    We love hats and wear them whenever possible.

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