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Queen of Your Own Life

Allow | Back to Me Month

by Cindy Ratzlaff

It’s the last day of Back to Me Month 2011.  We’ve loved prompting you to take time to use the Queen toolbox to remember who you really are and celebrate the Queen within.

Today, I’d like to ask that you simply allow yourself to be the woman that both Kathy and I see when we look at you. We see you as funny, interesting, engaged, generous, compassionate, wise, vulnerable, seeking, engaging and frankly, just plain perfect exactly as you are.

We are all more beautiful than every before, not in spite of our rocky life journey, but because of it. Those bumps, bruises, wrinkles,  slightly faded hair color or physical pains are the battle scars that remind us that we’re alive.

So let’s allow ourselves to see the beauty.  Mirror time and no cheating.  I really want you to look in the mirror and repeat after me, even if this doesn’t feel true.  Remember it’s the practice of happiness.  “I am a beautiful work of art, AND I am an artist. Today I will allow myself to see and feel the beauty around me and within me.” So sayeth the Queen.

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One Response to “Allow | Back to Me Month”

  1. Colleen says:

    Thank you for this! I feel more beautiful already….. Cordially, Colleen

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