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Queen of Your Own Life

Amnesia and Self Care | The Battle for You

by Cindy Ratzlaff

I’ve been feeling exhausted and stressed, but yesterday I got a good night’s sleep, gave myself the day off from all work and felt really relaxed. I asked myself “what can I do for you today that will help you feel better tomorrow?” The answer was to tidy up my office.  In doing so I found an unfiled report from my last physical along with the note from my doctor saying that I was anemic and needed to take an iron supplement.  The report was from six months ago.  I forgot I was anemic and needed to take an iron supplement.

I have to pause here and say that if any of my friends told me this story, I’d be all over them for not taking care of their health.  How could I “forget” I was anemic and needed to take something to help me function better?  How could I forget to follow up on this important information AND then wonder every single day why I felt so tired?

And, that’s not the end of this confession.  Sitting there next to the blood work report were two prescriptions; one for a mammogram and the other for a dexa scan for osteoporosis.  Again, six months old.

I have already taken care of the iron supplement but I’m committing to you all right now to shake off the procrastination that turns into amnesia and keeps me from being my healthiest, best self.  Today, I’m scheduling those appointments and I know I’ll feel better that I’m moving forward toward better self care.

And, I’ll finish cleaning off my desk because who knows what else I’ve forgotten.

Are there things on your personal “to do” list that just never get done? Let’s name them and check them off together.

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5 Responses to “Amnesia and Self Care | The Battle for You”

  1. Jeanne Mitchell says:

    I’ve started e-mailing and voice-mailing “naggy” notes to myself so I will remember these very important things we need to take care of. I don’t know where it begins, but women seem to always be the caregivers…who is supposed to care for us, if not ourselves….

  2. cindy says:

    Jeanne, what a great idea. Voice mail and e-mail reminders. Thank you!

  3. Being anemic and never taking care of it has been a life long battle, I start the supplements and then there is the side effects and I stop, but then I see my body suffer from the effects and I keep saying I am going to do this…and then I do not. WHY? Why do we do that to ourselves? Been not taking care of me is a really bad habit. I am always ready to take care of everyone on every level, but when it comes to me, well I think I feel selfish. I have fibromyalgia as I have mentioned to Cindy before and there are times when I need my husband to take care of me, but even then I feel guilt when he has to and I rarely do what I need to do to once again take care of that issue. My dental issues are partially from health and partially from not going to a dentist, even when I could because I put my daughters dental care first and never my own. I now pay the price with painful, failing teeth, that are cracked, chipped, gums receding and beyond repair and now can can not afford to take care of them. I for a while took an active mission to take care of it, to take care of me, to find a kind person(s) to give me the gift of dental implants through Clear Choice, and had been trying for a year or so now, but with not a single result, I have again kind of given up on me…again I just have to wonder why we do that? I may not be able to ever check that off my list before I loose all my teeth, but maybe I can check that iron pill off the list…got the mammogram off the list cause I was able to find a free program via No Woman Left behind and fought for it to happen. A skin cancer check is next through a free screening bus that will be in my area in July….so that is at least two things.

  4. cindy says:

    Stephanie, thank you for sharing this. You can’t imagine how many women we’re hearing from with similar stories of getting into the habit of putting themselves at the end of a very long to do list and then finding that it doesn’t get easier. It gets harder. You can feel proud of the fact that you continue to do battle for yourself, looking for those resources for help wherever they are, no matter how frustrating. Let’s keep reminding ourselves that #1 on that list of things to do is “take care of me.”

  5. Thanks Cindy…I agree ! Thanks for inspiring yet another blog post of my own.

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