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Queen of Your Own Life

Avoiding Life’s Potholes – Queenisms

CurveballOK, we lied. You can’t avoid life’s potholes. No one gets a free pass or a smooth road. There will be, we’re sorry to say,

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some sorrow, fear, pain, sadness or other stress. But, the good news is that there is far more joy and happiness available to you when you choose to see it. Let’s take a moment to note those wonderful things, moments, memories or gifts in our lives. This is a very good list to have.

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2 Responses to “Avoiding Life’s Potholes – Queenisms”

  1. Cindy Chavie says:

    When I reveived these a few years ago…they appeared on facebook and I did not have to buy anything…or do anythng…I do now have the $ or the time to read them unless they are already posted. too my fb page…I am a new widow and enjoyed the “queenisms'” when they appeared…if u can make that happen for me again…I would like to have them…however, God and my Bible r enough!

  2. cindy says:

    Hi Cindy, They are still posted every day on Facebook as well as here on the blog and in our newsletter. There’s no charge for any of those. If you aren’t seeing them in your Facebook news stream, all you have to do is type in Queen of Your Own Life in the search bar on Facebook and you’ll see our daily posts. Thanks for being a long time reader!

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