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Queen of Your Own Life

Back to School? No, Back to Me Month!

It’s Day 2 of our self-declared Back to Me Month and today we’re asking everyone to give themselves the gift of time by taking a break from their daily responsibilities.  Take 10 minutes to read a book, look through a magazine, let your mind wander and relax.  If the daily grind has you stressed and taking 10 seems impossible, set a kitchen timer for 10 minutes and tell yourself to drop your worries until the timer rings.  See if you can clear your mind and allow space to dream, to be entertained, to drink in the deliciousness that is reading.

Sometimes magazines are the perfect vacation with their short, digestible articles or info bites.  That’s why we love them.  We’ll be giving away two give cards, compliments of our friends at Magazines.com so that two people from our e-newsletter mailing list can subscribe to their favorite magazine. Sign up on the right hand side of our home page to be eligible.  If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, no need to sign up again.

Our favorite magazines? There are so many but Queen Kathy reads her People cover to cover and Queen Cindy simply loves her More magazine.  What magazines take you away and give you 10 minutes just for you?

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6 Responses to “Back to School? No, Back to Me Month!”

  1. Diane Morgan says:

    I love redbook and people is good too !!!!!!!!

  2. Julie Rzasa says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea. We get caught up in our daily routine forgetting to block out any time to just sit and do something we enjoy. I just discovered this site and looking forward to getting your book. One of my all time favorite magazines is Real Simple 🙂

  3. Carol Neuman says:

    I love reading Victoria magazine. It makes me dream, and I come away highly creative.

  4. carol wright says:

    Good tips. I love Woman’s World Weekly Magazine.
    It has such great health and beauty tips to make me look and feel like a queen and inspirational articles about REAL people who are queens of their own lives.
    Can be bought at almost any grocery store and is a bargain.

  5. chanarachel says:

    I am going at my pace and in the order I want to and remember to ssat this is a good pace and this is a good direction with lots of breaks for fun and thoughtfulness

  6. cindy says:

    We’re so grateful that you took the time to leave a comment and we totally agree that setting your own pace is the key! Bravo!

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