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Queen of Your Own Life

Banish Excuses | The Battle for You

Be the Woman you want to be!

We’re embarking on what we’ve begun to think of as “The Battle for You.”  And, by you, we mean each woman individually.  We’ve come to a place in our lives where we keep asking ourselves over and over, “when am I going to banish this nagging habit for good.”

There’s a particular burden that most women have that holds them back from being their very best selves and living their lives to the fullest.  Let’s ask ourselves this question together.  “If not now, when?” while keeping that particular issue in mind.

For us, it’s about that extra weight.  For someone else it might be about disorganization.  For yet another woman it might be about setting personal boundaries.  Whatever it is, that thing is keeping us from enjoying our lives to the fullest.

Let’s be warriors in the “Battle for You” together this spring and finally make those personal changes or at least take a step in the right direction, together.

We’ll be posting a little every day on our blog about our own journey and we invite you to join us, comment and share your own warrior journey.  Because, we love the life we’ve created for ourselves and we deserve to knock down ALL of the barriers  in our way, once and for all.   Let’s make this the journey to banish excuses, and cut through any excuses that hold us back with the help of a few thousand close Queen friends.

Together now.  Repeat after us: “I am a warrior woman and I am ready to do battle for ME.  So sayeth the Queen.”

Who’s with us?

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49 Responses to “Banish Excuses | The Battle for You”

  1. Gail says:

    I look forward to reading your blog every day. Setting a reminder in Outlook RIGHT NOW. Thanks, and best of luck!

  2. chris says:

    Thank you for doing this challenge!

  3. Chris Butterworth says:

    Exactly what I need – cohorts in the journey together!

  4. cindy says:

    So glad you’re with us Queen Chris!

  5. cindy says:

    Love that action oriented thinking Queen Gail!

  6. Jennifer Fulks says:

    I am with you!!!! I just started going for walks again this week!!! I walked a total of 3 3/4 miles. I also cut out the sweets, today is the 4 day with that, and I am eating a real breakfast too, which used to consist of a cup of coffee. So for me, I am done with the on and off dieting which I can’t even say my weight yo-yo’s lol, It just seems to keep going up. (I am 5′ 6″ 242lbs) I am also working on setting boundries because I am the kind of person who has always bent over backwards to make sure everyone else was living a perfect life while I just floated through mine, not really doing anything but existing. I have three years until my youngest child graduates High School. I will be almost 42 when he graduates. I want to lose the weight now and start getting my flight feathers ready. I had my kids at 18, 19 and 23. I have not yet learned what it is like to be an adult without children to care for and I am getting excited to enter this new phase of my life!!! I am looking forward to seeing what you girls come up with, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. It means so much to me to see your facebook posts everyday. Thank you <3

  7. Happy Ford says:

    I’m, with you. The only obstacle in my way to be very happy and healthy is this stubborn fat that has stayed for over three years. No matter what I eat I consistently weigh 210 I can’t get lower if my life depended on it, but maybe yes I CAN!

  8. Donna says:

    Hey I get so inspired and reminded to kick ass when I read your daily facebook notes and when I read and re-read your book that I’m excited foryyet another place to be tossed into the right direction every day! Rock on ladies!

  9. Cindy Doll says:

    Woo-hoo. Welcome this with open arms and open mind! Exactly what I need right now! Let the challenge(s) begin. I am ready to fight the good fight!

  10. Rachel Conine says:

    My journey to sweep the things that were holding me back began a couple years ago. I envision that I have a back door that I am slowly sweeping the excuses out and a front door that I am letting the positive energy in.

    My journey all began when I read about the Japanese art of Kaizen.
    (It is even more apropos today)

    The Japanese art of kaizen is making the smallest, subtlest change possible in order to produce real and lasting change, however small. You know you are in kaizen territory when the change you are considering seem absurd, it’s so little.”

    One step at a time towards a lasting goal.

  11. Liz Rowe says:

    I LOVE this! I have this mental picture of all of the ‘Warrior Queens” suiting up in positive thought, polishing their weapons os discenrment and self respect – it’s GLORIOUS! Isn’t it fantastic to be able to say “Today is when I take my life back!”

    You are a never ending source of inspiration, hope and love – Thank You!

  12. margaret says:

    I am ready!

  13. BMW says:

    Perfect timing. I want to be healthy and strong again.

  14. I can hardly wait, and it is a perfect jumping off spot for my post I was planning for later today!!

  15. I have a few, but I think the big one is working on my fear of success.

  16. Divaeva says:

    Oh my…I am so ready! Let’s do this ladies! <3

  17. Yvonne says:

    I thank you each day for what you Queens bring. I am starting over at the age of 45 single and with children and it’s been very challenging. I will say that I am going to do this Journey with the support of all of you. I want to Rebuild, Renew and Restore myself and finally make those changes. I too recently have asked “If not now, when?” Thank you for this challenge and to take each day one day at a time and to count even the smallest changes. I will knock down ALL of the barriers in my way, change my thoughts to “I can’t” to “I can and I will”. No more excuses from me.
    Thank you, Thank you!!!!

  18. Susan says:

    Wow ! I was thrilled to connect with QYOL on Facebook, but I am even MORE excited to be HERE .It definately feels like home ! Yeah baby, I am so ready for a change, but on-my-own, getting a grip, and accomplishing that, seems so overwhelming.How GREAT to finally be in an enviornment that offers ‘support’.I believe that I fall into the catagory of having multiple issues; * those few extra lbs. that I can’t seem to get my hind end OUT of the house to * walk off,and my(embarrassing) BIGGIE, * the need for organizational skills ! I think I’ve slightly lost my mind, because, I used to be tidy, but now, I’m overwhelmed by the lack thereof.There seems to be a weird little disconnect in my brain, the darn neurons aren’t firing properly.I’m 53,and single with no cildren, so I have no GOOD excuse to perpetuate an unkept house OR to NOT get my taxes done on time ! GEEZ ! Anyway , it’s GREAT to be here ! Happy, happy , joy, joy ! I am ready to CONQUER ! I see light at the end of the tunnel ! Yippee !!!!!!!
    P.S….. Thank-you so much Rachel for revealing the art of Japanese Kaizen. I love the concept ! I am definately going to be mindful and embrace the beauty of it’s profound simplicity. 😉

  19. B C Coolen says:

    For Me….Sometimes it is easier to be fearless about the things holding me back. I forget the positive traits that I am afraid to acknowledge. I feel that holds me back as much.
    Learning to set healthy boundaries and make good choices for me.<also helps those people around me)
    Having no exceptions that anyone else will observe my boundaries because they are mine inside me….. Still be able to move toward a healthier me. And always starting a New Day any time of the day makes a difference in my journey… Believing WE Are All Royal Helps

  20. barbara charlie Coolen says:

    I thinking I signed that wrong. I wrote. B.C.Coolen Used my entails.. Not my FB name sorry ladies.

  21. Mary Jo says:

    I’m reading Dr. Dyer’s book “Excuses Be Gone”….so I know how important getting rid of all those old excuses is…It takes time to catch yourself when you do it…but I hope with practice I’ll be able to get rid of many of my old excuses. I’m more that happy to join you all on this Quest. The journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step. Namaste everybody.

  22. Jan Bird says:

    Wonderful – I’ve just signed up to Weight Watchers after realising I was binge eating for comfort. I’ve a long-standing back problem and my increasing weight has been making it worse, not better. I haven’t been getting nearly as much out of life as I deserve! I’ve made a firm decision to seek help, to lose weight and to enjoy my life and am delighted to join you all on your journey! Loving your Facebook page and share it every day.

  23. Diane Shreve says:

    This is a wonderful post, and so very true in so many aspects. But it particularly relates to me right now, because even though I might not be a queen dealing with middle-aged life, I am a young queen struggling just to find ground to stand on. Day before yesterday, I decided to embark on what is probably my millionth diet (or so it seems). I am exceedingly obese, and my weight has kept me from almost everything I’ve ever wanted in life. I have a hoard of other health issues that makes weight loss nearly impossible (hence why I’ve failed so many other times in the past), but I am determined to make this work! I am graduating from university in May, and being shoved out into the ‘real world’, and I’m scared out of my mind about it. I have about zero self confidence, and I know a lot of that is tied to my weight and my personal appearance. My health is in such bad condition right now that I couldn’t maintain a job after I graduated even if I landed one. So I am embarking in my own journey to improve my health, my confidence, my appearance, and most importantly, to be able to finally experience life how I want to – nay, need to!

  24. BeBe says:

    I am ready for a change of thinking…

  25. Diane says:

    Let the spring cleaning begin! I am ready 🙂

  26. cindy says:

    Queen Diane, we’re glad you’re with us on the spring cleaning journey.

  27. cindy says:

    Queen BeBe, we are ready too. Let the attitude adjustment begin.

  28. cindy says:

    Young Queen Diane, We both spent decades letting our weight keep us from fully enjoying our lives. At various times, we’d succeed in our weight goals and then slip again. It will most likely always be something we must be careful about. Here’s what we wish someone had told us when we were younger. Eat to live, be healthy and forget about the number. Most people are focused on their own imperfections instead of the brilliant light inside of them. Yes, we want you to be healthy. And, yes, we want you to be happy. We don’t want you to tie that happiness to the weight. You deserve to be happy right now. We’re so glad you’re here.

  29. cindy says:

    Excellent action taken Queen Jan. We’re cheering for you and wishing you success.

  30. cindy says:

    We love that Mary Jo. One of the things Queen Cindy is doing is wearing a pedometer and targeting 10,000 steps a day so this quote from you is very inspiring. And now, off to Amazon to order Dr. Dyer’s book!!

  31. cindy says:

    Excellent point Queen Barbara, healthy boundaries start with us and are really good for everyone around us.

  32. cindy says:

    Queen Susan, you made me smile today (Cindy, here). I just filed for an extension on my taxes, my office is a chaotic mess, I haven’t left my office chair in days and I am ready for this change as well. You’re in excellent company and your mind is fine…just needs some spring air and good friends.

  33. cindy says:

    Queen Yvonne, we wish we had that on a pillow~ “Rebuild, Renew and Restore.” Awesome and thank you for joining us on the journey.

  34. cindy says:

    Boy Queen Carol, isn’t that wild. We can completely relate to fear of success. Let’s knock down some walls together.

  35. cindy says:

    Queen Stephanie, We’re so glad to be on the same path.

  36. cindy says:

    Here’s to strong and healthy Queens!

  37. cindy says:

    Yea, Queen Margaret. We are too. Let’s keep one another motivated.

  38. cindy says:

    Hail Queen Yvonne, wise and beautiful!

  39. cindy says:

    Queen Liz, we’ll have to set Queen Kathy the task of creating a Warrior Queen image for us. She’s the Queen of computer art!

  40. Debby Orr says:

    I’m in! Let the battle re-begin…got off track but know I will, I can, I am going to do it with the help and suppoirt of all the Queens out there. Thank you!

  41. JoAnn Aparo Neurath says:

    My journey began about two years ago after the death of my second son…Whoa, losing two sons, never did I imagine that God would throw this loss once again at me…While I was searching for acceptance and peace, God put his arm around me and showed me how to endure and move on..Finding inspiring and like minded folks such as Queen Cindy and Queen Kathy, reading and being inspired by other Queens on this page, has been truly a benefit to my emotional and spiritual growth.

    Enlightenment comes from God and is expressed through one’s heart. Im like a sponge that absorbs truths and belief’s from other inspiring souls. Once I learned how to focus on me and not on the adversities that are thrown at me, I can tune out all the other chatter that is going on in my head and focus on whats in my heart and that starts the healing process, and guides me to choose the best decision for me.

    Yes, I have weight issues, family conflicts, etc. just like many others do. But all that is secondary compared to healing my heart. Happiness and a peaceful heart, everything else will fall into place..Yes, Queens, I am Queen of my Own Life and so should you!

  42. cindy says:

    Queen JoAnn, we want to thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. When we share our stories, we give hope and encouragement to others and we verbalize what’s in our hearts, bringing those thoughts and feelings to light. Thank you for your generosity.

  43. cindy says:

    So glad to have you here Queen Debby!

  44. Helen says:

    I’m in! My burden is weight and poor fitness. I started in January with a walking routine and I need to start with eating habits now. A friends 45 year old husband who is a runner, eats very little meat and lots of healthy, high in antioxidant fruits and vegetables, had a cholesterol test that showed very good and is a healthy weight had a major heart attack in December. It was just good old heredity. Had he not been in such good fitness and health, he would have died.

    Woah – slap in the head! Heart disease runs in my family. I have high blood pressure and borderline cholesterol. I was 60 pounds overweight and sat on my widening behind all day (also unemployed). So up I got and started walking. I walked a 5K in March and have lost 8 pounds.

    I’m looking forward to the challenge.


  45. cindy says:

    Queen Helen, What a great thing you’ve done. We’re so inspired. Thank you!

  46. Cindy and Kathy as requested on Twitter, my blog post that I wrote the day you posted this! http://ruby-rubymusings.blogspot.com/2011/04/so-sayeth-me.html

  47. Omy says:

    Yes, I am ready for a change of thinking and looling forward to the chanlleng !

    Queen Omy

  48. Omy Pink says:

    Yes, I am ready for a change of thinking and looking forward to the chanllenge !

    Queen Omy

  49. cindy says:

    That’s fabulous Queen Omy. Welcome.

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