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Queen of Your Own Life

Banishing Disappointment | The Battle for You

by Cindy Ratzlaff

Excuses have been winning this week.  I’ve been too busy, too tired, too overcommitted, too stressed and the path toward banishing this extra weight through better eating and more movement has fallen by the wayside.  I woke up this morning at 4:00am depressed, angry with myself and embarrassed by my failure.

How do I recommit, redouble my efforts and restart this journey?  I have to start by banishing the disappointment, the anger and the embarrassment.  Those are Mongol Horde voices that have been my  enemies for all of my adult life.  I need to put on my armor and do battle.  I laughed yesterday when Kathy sent me her photo shopped project with our pictures as the “warrior Queens.”  Now I understand.  This really is a battle for me.

A new day requires a new plan.  Instead of focusing on what I didn’t do, I’m going to thank myself for what I did do.  I helped a client. I made progress on a presentation for a class I’m teaching.  I fed my body in a mostly healthy way.

I need to exercise for 30-40 minutes each day in order to lose weight.   And, each day I don’t because the Mongol Horde whispers the excuse of ‘not enough time.‘   I have a new plan to defeat the Mongol Horde today, but please don’t tell them.  I need to take them by surprise or they’ll switch up their battle strategy and defeat me again.  I’m going to leave my desk three times today and walk around the block.  Each walk takes about 15 minutes and the cumulative effect will get me to my goal without triggering the stress I feel about being away for 45 minutes.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Does a stumble or a set-back derail you on your journey to your goal? How do you overcome it or restrategize?  If you have ideas or tips, I invite you to share them.

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7 Responses to “Banishing Disappointment | The Battle for You”

  1. Holly says:

    After wasting so much time worrying about what I didn’t get done, I decided enough was enough. Baby steps. Whatever goals I set for myself will get accomplished if I keep moving forward. “So sayeth the queen.” I love that saying.

  2. Alyse says:

    A thought: Get a pedometer and wear it all day. Set a step goal for yourself: 300, 500, 1000 steps–whatever feels right. Allow the steps that include a trip to the bathroom, the front door, and daily living to count. Then check it throughout the day, how close to your goal are you? You may be surprised 🙂 .

  3. Patricia says:

    Alysa’s suggestions is a great one and you may find as you set those smaller goals, new ways in which to incorporate walking into your daily events to meet them. Example: parking further away from stores which will add steps while getting you to goal!

  4. cindy says:

    Great idea Alyse. I have a pedometer. I might as well wear it all day. Motivation!

  5. cindy says:

    Thank you Patricia. I’m happy to report that I did just walk the dog and am planning another short walk this afternoon.

  6. cindy says:

    You are so right Holly. I’m humbled enough to be happy today with baby steps.

  7. Kyle says:

    My stumbles usually happen when I forget to be ‘perfect’ for a client. I agonize for a couple of hours (maybe days) about why am I not perfect. I think it is ok for everyone else but not for me.

    Then I usually pick myself back up, realize the client is either ok with the stumble or never even saw it. My new strategy is to give the gift of me to each client, each day, with the best effort I can.

    Striving for Linchpin status!

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