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Queen of Your Own Life

Battle or War | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

I was thinking about back in April when Cindy and I first started talking about the “Battle For You.”  I guess I thought we’d blog about it for a month and then move on to a new topic.  Now it’s almost July and we’re still blogging about it with no end in sight.  It turns out what at first seemed like a mere battle is actually more like a full-blown war.

I’m in active battle for me everyday.  The problem is that because it’s me I’m fighting with I don’t want to be too brutal.  I actually like me – a whole heck of a lot more than I did before.  And really that’s the point anyway.  Self love.  Pure, unconditional self-love.  The more love I give myself the shorter the battles and a blessed end to the war.

I want to be respected, cherished, honored and loved by those who know me.  I will be able to have that when I can give it to myself.  So my new weapon in my ongoing war is an affirmation.  I will say it to myself each morning when I wake up and each night when I go to sleep, “No matter what – I will love, cherish and defend you always.  I am a determined and courageous warrior in the battle for me.   So sayeth the Queen.

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2 Responses to “Battle or War | The Battle for You”

  1. mary says:

    “No matter what – I will love, cherish,defend you always. I am a determined and courageous warrior in the battle for me. So sayeth the Queen.”
    (Queen Of Your Own Life) You Know what I read this today,and thought I am just the opposite of that to myself usually. I don’t think I could say that first statement out loud comfortably. I think it has to do with my generation being taught Ladies never put themselves first.

    IT was considered conceited to think positively about yourself. So you spend your life sublimating what you want to everyone else and getting angrier and angrier.

    This really hit me hard today when I read it. I got very depressed because I felt so hopeless about changing it. I’m almost 60 and still battling the same demons I did at 20. I can say twenty nasty things a day to myself with ease but saying positive affirmations to myself still fills me with guilt as if I am being horribly selfish. I don’t want to die all messed up like this, lol. The interesting thing to me is that I look at my granddaughter who is 9 and she is so full of confidence and comfortable in her own skin and I think “OH I want to be her”. LOL. How nice that must be.

  2. cindy says:

    Queen Mary, You just voiced what so many of us feel. That’s the battle we’re in; a battle for ourselves. Keep watching that wonderful 9 year old granddaughter and then ask yourself “when did I go from that kind of self confidence to where I am now?” We’re suggesting that we all need to go back, emotionally, and give THAT little girl a big hug because so many influences changed her from that pure confident being into the fearful women we became. Let’s rescue her. We think she’s still in there waiting for us to come to her aid.

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