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Queen of Your Own Life

Be Slow to Criticize

Pamela K. Weaver Tomasello's sister in law Mary

She was quick to laugh, slow to criticize and a steadfast defender of those she loved. In return, she was deeply cherished. ~ Queenisms™

Cherished. What an incredibly powerful word. We want to be cherished, don’t you? We talk a great deal about being an agenda-free friend and here’s why. When we support those close to us but taint our support with advice that is good for us but may not be what’s best for them, then we’re, in essence, criticizing their lives. We must take our own best interests out of the equation and ask ourselves, what would be best for this person I love? We may wish they’d get a new haircut, wear less make up, talk more softly, eat less, not accept a job far away or whatever. But what’s right for them? Does sporting a quirky haircut make them feel adventurous? Does a lot of make up help them feel as though they stand out in the crowd? Are they loud because they fear no one can hear them?

Every person you meet is carrying a burden, seen or unseen. Do not add to that burden. Be a friend who is slow to criticize, quick to laugh and one who deeply cherishes and in return is deeply cherished by friends.

Photo: Pamela K. Weaver Tomasello’s sister-in-law, Mary

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  1. KITTY says:

    this is the way to make yourself feel great try it You will be the winner

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