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Queen of Your Own Life

Brave Enough for Any Future

She didn't know what the future held but she knew she was brave enough to walk towards it. - Queenisms™

She didn’t know what the future held but she knew she was brave enough to walk towards it. – Queenisms™

None of us has a crystal ball. It’s a good thing too. Can you imagine all the side trips we would have skipped if we’d been able to see the road ahead? Yet in each of those paths was something we did not foresee. Something worth learning, doing, experiencing and that we now value. Have you ever done something brave, noble, meaningful or simply awesome that you would not have done IF you’d seen how hard it would be ahead of time? Us too. We never dreamed we’d write a book, let alone three books and a calendar. We’re still stunned by how hard, and at the same time rewarding, that late life journey as authors has been. Tell us about your path? Sharing your story helps others remember theirs.

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5 Responses to “Brave Enough for Any Future”

  1. cf says:

    My husband of 23 years and father of my four children, three girls and a boy, decided last October that he was done, unhappy, wanted to not be with me anymore. He moved out on Dec. 29th and so I am on a journey of rediscovery of myself, reconnecting with my dreams, goals and aspirations while coping with the wild emotional extremes and financial concerns that come with suddenly having to pay the mortgage on top of all the other bills and advance my career while tending to my children’s needs and keeping in touch with my family and friends and community for support. It’s a wild ride but I am finding joy and peace in every day although some days are very exhausting mentally, emotionally and physically. I am looking after myself, and on days when there is no one to hug me, I hug myself. I am stronger than I thought I was and haven’t been lonely a single day. I am hopeful of a brighter future full of endless possibilities and excited about my journey as well as mournful of the loss of the future I had planned for myself. Perhaps what is to come with be much more wonderful than I could ever dream!

  2. Amanda says:

    Very good point! The road less traveled is harder by far, but to have foreseen ahead of time would have postponed those dreams I am sure. I am thankful for the way that God planned my steps out, past and future. I am also thankful for the inspiring words that are on my steps toward the end goal. Blessings

  3. Patti says:

    I didn’t and don’t know what the future holds but I sure was brave to walk through it! You sit there when you hear the word, you think not me, then the tears begin. Not for myself but how do I leave others behind, what if, what about, maybe they are wrong. I’m not sure if it’s strength, bravery or no choice, you have to do it. Do I look at myself differently having gone through it? No. Others have said I am strong. I again tell them, there is no other choice, you have to do it. The good thing, I didn’t know what to expect. But I look back and say yes, I was brave and hope I continue to be.

  4. cindy says:

    You inspire us Queen Patti and we just adore you!

  5. cindy says:

    You are an amazing woman, Queen cf. You’re discovering that even on a journey you would not have chosen, you can find moments of calmness, clarity and yes, even joy. Sometimes we find we’ve been the loneliest before being alone. We’re cheering for you on your path. You are clearly a strong, gifted, loving and remarkable woman.

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