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Queen of Your Own Life

Care | Claiming the Crown to Harvest Happiness

by Kathy Kinney

Care.  Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What can I do to help take care of you today?”

As with 99.9% of women I am really good at taking care of others but have to work very hard to make the time to care for myself.  I like to plan one day a month where I wake up and say to myself, “What can I do today to make you happy?” It’s a heady feeling to give yourself permission to take care of your own happiness for a whole day.

Most days I only have time to check in with myself for a minute.  I look at myself in the mirror and really make eye contact then ask myself,  “What can I do to help take care of you today?” I hold eye contact with myself until I have the answer and then say it out loud.  My answers range from the silly – I could really use a stick of sugarless gum to the profound – give me the courage to set a strong boundary with a friend without damaging our friendship.

No matter the answer I always feel grateful that I took the time to check in with myself.  I am worthy of my own attention.  Taking time for myself does not make me selfish – it makes me healthy.

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2 Responses to “Care | Claiming the Crown to Harvest Happiness”

  1. Mary Moritz says:

    This is an awesome idea. Simple but profound.

  2. Arlene Bridges says:

    I’ll bet most of us have experienced the: ‘I could use a stick of sugarless gum’ scenario and identify with you. You know, your mention of boundaries is quite important…I wish you much success in mustering the courage needed to set boundaries with your friend and not damaging your friendship in the process.
    I think a whole page could be written about setting and respecting boundaries. Some people have quite strong personal boundaries, yet cross another’s without a thought. Queen Kathy, you have hit the perverbial nail on it’s head here. I am still working on boundary issues. Here’s to courage and success!
    PS…I love your thrift store vase! Your red rose is gorgeous (is it a Mr. Lincoln?)

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