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Queen of Your Own Life

Celebrate | Naming and Claiming Our Royalty

by Kathy Kinney

Celebrate.  Look in the mirror and repeat after us, “I will celebrate the uniqueness of me everyday of my life.  No one else is like me.  I am a brilliant one of a kind.”

It’s my birthday today.  Years ago someone told me that the 24 hours before your birth time and the 24 hours after are the most powerful of the year.  They told me that during that time the universe was wide open to accept my thoughts and I should write down everything I want for myself.  I have no idea who told me that but for decades I have been doing it.  I actually believe that the universe is wide open all of the time for everything we all have to say.  Still, I find that keeping this tradition and writing down it down is a good way for me to check in with myself.  It is a wonderful birthday gift for myself.  I usually use a nice pen and buy or make myself a beautiful card.  In fact, hidden, all over my house, are at least 30 years of envelopes filled with my hopes and dreams.  They have always been just for my eyes only.  This year I decided to share what I want for myself with you.

1.  I want my health – glowing beautiful, violet light health.  I want the grace to take care of myself so I can continue to do the things I love.  I will continue to use the affirmation, “My mind and body heal themselves quickly and easily.”

2.  I want to be a better friend to myself and my friends.  I want to always come from a place of love and honesty without damaging me or others.

3.  I want creative and financial abundance to take care of myself and to help others until they can help themselves.

4.  Without sucking my own soul out, and in a non codependent way, I want to be of service in this world. Next year when I write this list, I want to be certain that the life I am leading makes the world a tiny bit better place.

5.  I also want world peace, the end of world hunger and to find the perfect shade of lipstick that flatters my skin tones and my not so natural blonde hair.  So sayeth the Queen.

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One Response to “Celebrate | Naming and Claiming Our Royalty”

  1. Kathy says:

    I really enjoyed reading what you want for yourself, however it wasn’t 30 yrs worth, but the ones you have written for our eyes are great and I wish this for myself as well!! God speed in all your wishes for a life time!


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