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Queen of Your Own Life

Change | Reclaiming the Crown to Harvest Happiness

by Kathy Kinney

Change.  Look in the mirror and repeat after us, “Change is a part of life and I will not be afraid of it.  It will come no matter what and I have the wisdom and courage to make the best of it.”

So many people I know right now are being forced to make large changes in their lives. It’s hard to stay balanced and find your footing when, through no fault of your own, your circumstances change. 

Losing a job or business, getting divorced or loss of health are huge and unexpected life detours.  The change that follows these detours can pitch us head long into anxiety and fear.  I’ve certainly been there, smelled it, tasted it and I’m spitting it out.

One of the great gifts of adding years is that you have the ability to look back over your life and see the patterns.  In our book we call it a “Windy Mountain Moment.”

As I look back over the unwanted changes in my life, I see that every single one of them was followed, in time, by something wonderful.  From these changes my life took amazing twists and turns that I never would have had the courage to take if I hadn’t been forced.  It’s been an important lesson for me.  I don’t waste my time worrying  any more about what is going to happen and how I will handle the change.  I simply know that I will handle it.  The only way I can fail at life is if I let my fear get in the way of living it.

For today I let go of my fear of change and instead I will embrace it when it comes.  So sayeth the Queen.

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One Response to “Change | Reclaiming the Crown to Harvest Happiness”

  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you, Queens! This message was very much needed today! Several “big” things in my life are changing right now; I did not ask for these changes, but look forward to seeing what good will come of them!

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