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Queen of Your Own Life

Choose a Word to Guide Your Year

Romance Writers of America

Romance Writers of America

Every year we choose a word to guide our year – something that helps us measure whether or not an opportunity or an experience or even a decision is worth doing. In the past we’ve chosen:

  • clarity
  • honesty
  • courage

and this year, we’ve found that there are so many words we want to use as our guiding light that we’re having trouble narrowing it down. We’re wondering, dear queens, if you’d help us brainstorm. This picture of us at the Romance Writers of America conference in San Antonio, TX this past summer makes us smile because it embodies something very special to us. We love writing, writers and books. Cindy was the keynote speaker at a session at RWA and Kathy came down to support her. We both enjoyed the writing sessions and the amazing support romance writers give to one another throughout the year.

If you could choose one word to guide you throughout the coming year, what would that word be?

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21 Responses to “Choose a Word to Guide Your Year”

  1. Carin Chambers says:

    Beautiful….after 5 years of change and turmoil I wanted a word that was positive…I made a list of 10 possible words…. That night at church a song was sung and a line was God can make something beautiful out of me….that was the moment my mind was made up….

  2. Clara Oakes says:


  3. Dori says:


  4. Lorraine says:


  5. Glenis says:


  6. Phyllis Wagner says:


  7. Trish says:


  8. Allison Elliott says:


  9. Tyra Nicole says:


  10. Tammy Howell says:

    FOCUS is my word choice. It’s what I’m doing as I move forward this year and pursue my dreams.

  11. Vernita says:

    Forward ismy choice. It’s what I wamt to do, stop looking back.

  12. Ann says:


  13. Anita says:

    Completion. I have so many unfinished projects, and rather than beat myself up over them, I have made them into goals to complete. One project I have been putting off for over 10 years is that I learned to knit socks! I’m so proud of myself!

  14. Kathy from Maryland says:

    Rather than New Year’s resolutions, I’ve started picking a word each year…this year’s word is FOCUS, cause I can get so sidetracked at times…

  15. Melodie Clark says:

    Mindfullness, keeping my mind on track, not letting it wander to things I cannot control!

  16. Sally J Vittorio says:


  17. Joyce says:

    Focus because I can get sidetracked with all the wonderful people and things in my life.

  18. Shannon says:


  19. Julie says:

    just thrive…come from where ever we have been, stop letting anything hold us back and lets just THRIVE!!!

  20. cindy says:

    Queen Julie, we love the word you’ve chosen and we’ll be cheering this year as you THRIVE!

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