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Queen of Your Own Life

Choosing Supportive Language

Queen of Your Own Life authors Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff create original inspirational posts daily.

The person who spoke most cruelly to her was her. She decided she would start speaking kindly to herself, replacing any negative words with positive ones. She would choose language that supported, nurtured, motivated and, as often as she could, make her smile. That’s how you treat someone you love. – Queenisms™

We would never allow anyone to speak to us the way we sometimes speak to ourselves. It’s time to tell ourselves the same thing we’d tell someone else. “You may not speak to me that way. Unless you have something supportive to say, please keep your thoughts to yourself.”

What do you say to yourself that you’d like to nip in the bud, rephrase or simply stop thinking all together?

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2 Responses to “Choosing Supportive Language”

  1. Melodee says:

    I will soon be 50 years old. I have always been my worst enemy and at times seems like I will always be. I am on the road or trying to be positive and even nice to myself but it’s just so har for me to believe that I am worthy of that kind of self love. I have no idea where these negatvie thoughts came from. I have always hated what I see in the mirror and look forward to the day I can look and say, ” Hey you, you are beautiful and you are awesome just the way you are.” I hope that day will be soon and I am so glad I found all of you that are a queen of your own life. I look forward to hearing all of the positive thoughts that come from you all…
    Thank you

  2. cindy says:

    We’re glad we found you, too, Queen Melodee!

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