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Queen of Your Own Life

Coming Out of the Closet About Faith | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

God.  Repeat after us: “Today I will remember that I’m not really in charge of the world – I only think I am.  The truth is I am a child of God and therefore will turn my problems over to God and then embrace the gift of serenity that will follow.

I always feel a bit nervous talking about God.  It’s such a personal thing and I would never want to alienate or offend anyone who doesn’t believe in God.  Also I would never want to cause offense to anyone whose beliefs in God, a Goddess, Buddha, and Allah or for that matter a large powerful rabbit, differ from mine.  I think there’s room in this whole wide world for everyone to have the higher power of their choice.  It seems to me the important thing is the practice of your faith after you make your choice.  And, just as with anything else you want to do right, it does require practice.

So for today I will practice letting go and letting my Higher Power be in charge.  It won’t always be easy but I am worth the effort.

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8 Responses to “Coming Out of the Closet About Faith | The Battle for You”

  1. mary says:

    Well it depends on your faith doesn’t it? If you say you are Buddist or Muslim it seems to be greeted with a great deal less animosity than if you say you are a CHristian, It should not be this way. Also often when we say we believe in God people look at us like were simpletons and luddites.
    Frankly its science that helps me believe in God. It’s all too miraculous for there not to be a creator. I find it stupifiying that people can look at the design of a butterflies wing and not see a Creators hand in that let alone in the Universe.
    I find when I do let go and let God its such a relief because I am never let down. So I welcome you out of the closet Queen Kathy! Brava! Welcome to all believers as we hold hands together and just let go!

  2. You know I love you, Queen Kathy. The BIG TRUTH is both extremely intimate and bigger than we could ever imagine. Love surpasses all else. How I wish we had a day to share tea and conversation! See you ’round the tweetyverse!

  3. Kathy says:

    Thank you Queen Mary – I love the word luddites. I’m going to try all day to use it in a sentence. What fun.

  4. mary says:

    By the way Queen Kathy I’ve been meaning to tell you something. I adore you!

  5. stephanie fisk says:

    this is great to have this site i just found on facebook .and i think there is so much honor and honesty. thanks steph

  6. CaroG says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! So true. I joke that while God is in the driver’s seat, I wish s/he’d let me at least see the road map…… HA!!!

  7. TammyS says:

    Queen Kathy,
    Thank you SO much! I admired you as a little girl for your character in the Drew Carey show – even dressing up as Mimi for Halloween in grade 5 – but when you are doing now, giving inspiration to women all over, it deserves so much more admiration! And a whole new kind of admiration from me.
    Your poetic words or wisdom have really helped me the past few days, as life has been happening a lot it seems! I hope I can survive it with courage, humour, and grace. And, of course, with God.
    Thank you. So very much.
    – Tammy

  8. cindy says:

    Queen Tammy, Thank you so much. I loved my years as Mimi and love what I’m doing now too. Isn’t life a grand adventure? Who knows what’s next in our journey?

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