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Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere.

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Queen of Your Own Life

Create | Celebrating Our Royalty

by Kathy Kinney

Create.  “Look in the mirror and repeat after us, “I will make the time today to create beauty in my life and I will do it just for me.”

I know it’s a busy time.  It will always be a busy time.  For right now, stop what you’re doing.  Stop what you’re worrying about. Close the door on the outside world. Ever so gently, with no one watching, take a few minutes and do something that is strictly “decorative”. 

The single rule is that you please only yourself:.  Arrange a bowl of fruit or flowers. Tie a ribbon on your desk lamp.  Cut and paste images for a greeting card,  a collage, a tissue box.  “Set dress” your bedside table so it looks like a magazine photo.  Use your phone to take a photo of your cat and fool with effects on your computer until the picture pleases you, then print it and frame it or make it your screen saver.  Anything that is only for you and only for “pretty.”

Now, take another minute to sit and look at your completed project.  Enjoy how even this small beauty is still beauty.  Appreciate this hard evidence that you are creative.   Appreciate the power that it gives you in every aspect of your life.  You are the creator of beauty,  you are the Queen of Your Own Life.

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One Response to “Create | Celebrating Our Royalty”

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi Kathy. I am an artist and usually end up placing my “creative” time last on the list of priorities resulting in little or no time or energy left to fulfill that vital need to be creative. Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder! 😀

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