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Queen of Your Own Life

Creativity and Play | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

I just got back from a bustling little store called the French General.  It’s a fun and charming take on what a French general store of the 1930’s might have been like.  It’s full of vintage and reproduction fabric, notebooks, ribbon, paper, charms and all assorted French ephemera.  Underneath the freeway it’s in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by machine shops and bodegas.  This pastel pink store is a true testament to women’s need to gather together for creativity and companionship.

I was at the French General because I signed up to take a workshop in block printing.  The truth was that I didn’t even know what block printing was.  I just wanted to try something I’d never done before and meet some new women.  It seemed like a perfect and gentle way to expand my life and it was.  I met all sorts of wonderful women of all ages who, just like me, were looking for fun and adventure.  We spent three hours gouging out chunks of rubber with sharp little sticks, sipping tea, eating cookies and having a ball.

When the workshop was over I overheard one of the women say, “I don’t want to leave and go back to my real life.”  I felt bad for her and yet glad for me because I didn’t feel that way.  I wanted to tell her that bringing the sense of adventure and fun that we had shared all morning into the rest of her life was as simple as making a decision.  I choose to be creative in all activities from doing laundry to cooking dinner.  I choose to make my life a fun place to be by keeping my sense of play alive and surrounding myself with like minded women.  I don’t avoid the things that must be done in my life I simply try to find the most fun way to do them.  I deserve a life filled with fun and adventure whether I’m scrubbing pots or cleaning the litter box and for today I choose to give it to myself – so sayeth the Queen.

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One Response to “Creativity and Play | The Battle for You”

  1. That shop sounds divine as I adore all things French, and 1920’s thru 50’s ! You are so very right, the things we must and need to do day to day can not be avoided, but if we do them in a fun way, or at least with the right attitude and whistle while we work then it should remove the dread and no longer be things we would rather avoid.

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