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Queen of Your Own Life

Cruelty Free Living – Queenisms

Cruelty Free LivingWe would never, ever, let someone speak to us the way we speak to ourselves. Let’s vow to banish all the harsh, mean words we hurl at ourselves in moments of unthinking cruelty. Among these words we’d like to see you banish (but not limited to these) are “fat, dumb,

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stupid, lazy, clumsy, sloppy, ugly and idiot.” What words have you used to beat yourself to a pulp? Let’s name them here and leave them here. Who’s with us?

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2 Responses to “Cruelty Free Living – Queenisms”

  1. Medgirl143 says:

    frumpy, ridiculous, stupid, unattractive, too old for someone to love me and be in my life, wrinkled, flubby, NOT WORTHY, yucky, chubby, dumb, clueless, sarcastic, unable, “duh”, NO you can’t, ugh, really?, unbelievable!

    There I said them I will no longer carry these words as negative energy towards myself.

    Ahh that feels amazing!

  2. cindy says:

    Medgirl, we LOVE your list of words to banish. You are simply, utterly wonderful and perfect, just the way you are!

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