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Queen of Your Own Life

Delete Can’t From Your Vocabulary

Replace "can't" with "I just haven't figured it out yet."
She didn’t really believe in the word can’t. She always thought it should be replaced with the phrase “I just haven’t figured it out how yet.” ~ Queenisms™

There are some things we (Kathy and Cindy) can’t do. We can’t be astronauts because we’ve already passed the age of admission to the program. We can’t time-travel (yet). But there are really very few things on the list of “can’t” for us. There are many things we don’t want to do. But that’s all about choice. When Kathy wanted to create more elaborate and sophisticated posters for our Facebook page, she decided to learn to use photoshop. When Cindy decided she wanted to incorporate more video into her business plan, she taught herself to edit in Camtasia software. If you decide you want to knit a sweater, there are a lot of places ready to teach you. If you want to change the way you eat, you can find a million online support groups. If you want to travel, you’ll be able to figure out how and where. Our options are limited by our imaginations and our willingness

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to see another way besides the fixed ideas we have in our heads. Who’s to say that a trip to the local farmers market can’t be as lovely as a trip to Provence? It’s an attitude, not a destination. Somewhere in a far off land, someone is dreaming about a trip to your local farmers market.

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One Response to “Delete Can’t From Your Vocabulary”

  1. Kathy K says:

    I learned early on and also have shown others to delete can’t from their vocabulary….when someone says they can’t do something, respond emphatically with “you’re right!” This will perplex them, and then you can continue, “because you have already made up your mind, you’re not going to try”
    I continue to use that theory no matter what…

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