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Queen of Your Own Life

Ditch Stinking Thinking

She was tired of feeling afraid. So she made the decision to toss that stinking thinking to the curb. Best decision ever! - Queenisms™

She was tired of feeling afraid. So she made the decision to toss that stinking thinking to the curb. Best decision ever! – Queenisms™

All the “would’ve,” “should’ve,” and “could’ve” criticisms rolling around in our minds are robbing us of energy and depriving us of joy. They are the companions of “I can’t.” Let’s invite some new friends to take up residence in our heads. We’d like to suggest you make friends with “If not now, when?” And, perhaps “Yes I can.” What other phrases would you like to set up residence in your own interior “home?” The words we use to speak to ourselves are as powerful as the words we hear from others. We choose mentors and friends because they see the best in us and guide us toward seeing it ourselves. In fact, you’re reading this post because you’re a seeker – someone who looks for inspiration and motivation. It’s equally important that we look within ourselves as well as gathering outside influences. We can be afraid and take action. We can have doubt and still believe in ourselves. We can learn to see ourselves as valuable, beautiful, kind, funny, loving and worthy of our own affection. So let’s kick stinking thinking to the curb, shall we? Here’s how we practice every day. Notice what you say to yourself today, either aloud or in thought. If you find a negative, self-defeating thought pop up, stop what you’re doing and say – out loud – “that is not true.” And replace the negative thought with an affirming one. For example:

“I’m so clumsy,” becomes “Whoops. I dropped something. I’ll clean it up and get another one.”

“I’m so stupid,” becomes “I did not know that. Lesson learned.”

Can you turn something you’ve been saying to yourself into something worth saying to yourself?

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2 Responses to “Ditch Stinking Thinking”

  1. Teresa Draper says:

    I struggle with apologizing for things that have nothing at all to do with me. Sometimes I even apologize for being myself. No more. I am not sorry for myself or for being myself. I even have decided that I am a thoughtful, kind, and decent woman who tries each day to be a blessing to someone or to myself.

  2. Joy says:

    I have been known for apologizing, rationalizing and basically always believing that I had to give in. Well, no more, done with that attitude. The acronym of FEAR now means for me: Face Everything And Re-evaluate. I say this to myself all the time now and am realizing that I can think things through and am worthy of it.

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