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Queen of Your Own Life

Doesn’t everybody just want to be heard?

by Kathy Kinney

The image above doesn’t really have anything to do with my blog except that right now I feel a bit light and airy like a fairy queen.  I called a customer service phone number, lodged a complaint, made myself heard, did it with humor and never raised my voice once.

I bought two rolling coat racks from Walmart for $9.99.  I know you get what you pay for but I was trying to save money.  I set the first one up, hung some blouses on it and snap the plastic coupler holding the top bar on broke.  Not only did all of my clothes fall into a mess on the floor the top bar swung down and smacked me in the head.  Ow.  I don’t live near a Walmart and had made a special trip to buy the racks.  It would have cost me more in gas to return them so I just grabbed a roll of heavy gaffers tape and lashed it back together.  After I hung up some of the clothes from the floor it began to tilt like a drunken sailor from some old sea chantey.  I ended up getting the second one out of the box and lashing them to each other with a huge amount of tape.  Even so, after I hung the clothes up I still had to lean them against the wall.  In the second box was a card that said if there is a problem call this number.  So I did.

I just wanted to be heard.  I didn’t want my money back or even an apology.   I just wanted someone at that company to hear what I had to say.  And, that’s what I told  Dorothy in Customer Service.  I told her the whole story, the clothes on the floor, the tape and getting smacked in the head.  She did apologize and said they didn’t want customers to be unhappy.  I told her not to take it personally but people were going to be unhappy until the company started making a better product.  Then I told her I was feeling very happy now that I’d had my say. I wished her a lovely day and hung up. I didn’t lose my temper, act out or shout even though I did get smacked in the head and was basically out $20 and a lot of tape.  I didn’t want Dorothy to feel bad or take it personally because it wasn’t her fault.  Again, I just wanted to be heard and isn’t that what we all want?

As Queen of my own life I am entitled to air my feelings as long as I don’t harm others.  It made me feel good about taking care of myself.  With one call to Customer Service I feel as light as a fairy Queen.

Is there something you wish you could say to make yourself heard?

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2 Responses to “Doesn’t everybody just want to be heard?”

  1. cheryl says:

    Sure is. Expressed my feelings to a clerk at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and he basically called myself and my friends liars about not getting our rooms cleaned. He was so rude and lacked in courtesy it was amazing. I did however, try to remain in control but he definitely did not hear one word we said and offered us no satisfaction. So I will tell everyone I can not to stay at the Flamingo in Vegas and I am sure many others will do the same because since we have been back ironically 10 others that we know have had the very same experience.

  2. cindy says:

    Queen Cheryl, We’re so sorry you had this experience. But, we’re glad you found your voice and spoke up. We have to keep trying, don’t we.

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