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Queen of Your Own Life

Done with that Rodeo – Queenisms

She was done with that rodeoShe tried so hard to please other people and make them like her, that she forgot that the only one she really had to please and love was herself. She decided she was done with that rodeo. – Queenisms™

Are you ready to

get off the bucking bronco of people pleasing and walk away from that rodeo?

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21 Responses to “Done with that Rodeo – Queenisms”

  1. mstingtang says:

    Ha! I never did, nor never would get on that bucking bronco! That’s why they kept sending the same bonco in the ring. Being the Queen that I am I always show honor to people wherever they find themselves, it doesn’t mean I am trying to please. This helps me be true to myself a woman of honor I am. I may not always please myself, but I am never caught up in trying to please someone else… especially people who don’t even know me. I really was just trying to see the show.. something different. There does come a time when you have to let it go on though to get on with your own show.

  2. Bev says:

    This has been a challenge for me in the later years, until now. I am rediscovering how to do this. When younger I really did not worry about what others thought– I just lived. Then a relationship came along that I made a commitment to that really devastated my inner self. I lost me and was more worried about what everyone would think than my own dignity. My relationship fell apart after 12 years and now, I am back to putting me as the priority– and forgiving myself for every losing her. 🙂

  3. cindy says:

    Queen Bev, welcome back to you. Twelve years is a long time to be lost and we hope you’re being extra kind to that woman who needs love and compassion on the journey back. We’re sending you a virtual hug and want you to know how very happy we are that you are on the path to finding joy again. We all get lost at one point in time or another. Some of us wander and don’t even know we’re lost. But you knew and you made a change. That’s a big deal. Congratulations.

  4. cindy says:

    Honoring others while also honoring yourself is the real key Marie. You’ve nailed it.

  5. mary says:

    It seems the more I try to please and make everyone happy the more pushed around, bullied and controlled I get. It is time to stop. I am walking away.

  6. cindy says:

    Mary, It’s so hard to set boundaries with people, especially those close to us, if we’ve been over “doing for them.” But we promise, you can change the way you respond to their demands and requests, set boundaries with love, and with practice, teach them to treat you with respect.

  7. I am done with that rodeo as of this very moment!! No more putting other people’s needs ahead my mine!

  8. VICKI RAMSEY says:

    I was a child of the 50’s and was taught to seek others approval at whatever the cost. Not to ever ruffle anyone’s feathers. Surely not to dance to the beat of a different drum. Now in my 60’s I finally realized you can not please all the people all the time-nor do I want to. My mom has a saying when someone gets mad at you-may as well them be mad as you! I think it makes many people angry when they can’t control you and it is them with the problem rather than you-which they would have you think.

  9. cindy says:

    There are people who do not want us to change. Our changing somehow highlights their staying the same. But we are not responsible for how others feel. We’re only responsible for our own thoughts, words and deeds.

  10. cindy says:

    Bravo Queen Barbara.

  11. Linda says:

    I was days shy of my 60th birthday when a younger “good friend” that I had just begun sharing a house with informed me via a note (!) that I would need to move out, basically because I had disrespected her and her daughter by parking in the garage.

    I was devastated … for about five minutes. Then, I began to wonder what kind of person would do that to a friend, a few days before Christmas even! Then, I got mad … and decided I needed to quit my people-pleasing ways. I’ve always avoided conflict, and have enabled those in my life to take advantage of my good nature … and look where it got me.

    That was five years ago, and I am still a work in progress. I’ve had to eliminate some people from my life, and I’ve been amazed at the amount of drama that went with them. I am minus several friends now, but the peace of mind I have is priceless.

    Damn, I wish I’d done this decades ago!

  12. cindy says:

    Queen Linda, we believe that the drama left behind simply means more space in the present for YOU. Bravo.

  13. Tammy Wlodarek says:

    I love this. It’s SO true. God bless

  14. KITTY says:

    YOU GO GIRL I am so proud of you Queen Linda isn’t it great to know you saved the best for last

  15. Queen Hooting n' Hollering says:

    This could not have come at a better time for me today. I’m leaving one job and going to another and there have been some snarky comments made by the crew I’m leaving behind. Had a last time with some of them today, a goodbye sort of thing, and felt a bit overwhelmed. I think the best decision I have made in a long time to is to go for this new horizon and new job! Glad to load up the truck and head off in another direction than there little cow show LOL. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. cindy says:

    Sometimes it is very threatening to those left behind when we find our path and follow it. We admire you for taking the actions that are right for you!

  17. Donna Chunn says:

    Married off the last child now trying to find me. See me for who I am. Need to get off that bronco! Starting NOW

  18. Judy Brown says:

    Yes–done. I have family members who disrespect and are rude to me. I have many friends and places I volunteer at that treat me like a Queen. I know which group will receive my time and presence!!

  19. joy says:

    This bronco that I have been trying to ride and break is now my friend. I have chosen to re-evaluate this and am now tranferring all that energy which I previously used towards others to me which I am using on my new path and growth. I now realize that I AM WORTHY of this new found energy and am very happy. Those who are really my friends and supportive family will celebrate my new focus because I am beginning to be true and honorable to myself.

    Thank you fellow Queens, Let’s go!

  20. Lizzie says:

    After 30 years and counting of marriage, my girls raised (stronger than me I’m happy to say) I am finally finding ME and what makes ME happy again. Funny I didn’t realize how much of me I’d tucked away or let go. Finally realizing it’s OK to say NO to people & even OK to piss people off for not doing as they wish. …Who knew I had a voice?? I actually count?? WOW. This feels so good. I have finally found that if I have to make myself happy, because no one else truly knows what I need. It is ok to ask for help and even hugs as needed. i am also learning that I can depend on me & the happier I become, the happier the people around me become.
    As for the Rodeo?? Not my circus, Not my monkeys anymore! TO THINE OWN-SELF BE TRUE!

  21. cindy says:

    Your voice comes through loud and clear, Queen Lizzie. Welcome to the next phase of your brilliant life! <3

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