Queen of Your Own Life by Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff

Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere.

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Queen of Your Own Life

Don’t be a bald-faced fool

Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff create Queenisms, original collages and inspirational quotes at http://QueenofYourOwnLife.com. All rights reserved.

Anybody who mistook her quiet, gentle demeanor for weakness was a bald-faced fool. The things she accomplished before the sun came up would make heads spin, and she did it all daily, with aplomb. ~ Queenisms™

Kindness, a gentle demeanor, a sweet disposition; these are not a big neon sign out front saying “walk all over me.” These are attributes to be nurtured and admired in ourselves. So how do we let ourselves stay true to our nature without being trampled upon? We set strong boundaries. We let people know what is, and what is not, ok with us. We use our words to create the rules. When someone infringes on our boundaries, we let them know we’re uncomfortable or unwilling. We say no. Eventually others come to accept that we say what we mean and we mean what we say, without being mean. When we state our rules, with love, our word becomes trusted.

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