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Queen of Your Own Life

Don’t Make Worrying Into a Hobby

Her hobby was worrying. She decided to stop wasting her valuable time and just live. She could handle it all. - Queenisms™

Her hobby was worrying. She decided to stop wasting her valuable time and just live. She could handle it all. – Queenisms™

Queen Cindy comes from a long line of worriers. They fret, fuss, worry and in general spend a lot of time thinking about what might happen rather than what is happening. Luckily they have a sense of humor about this and are able to call each other on it when it happens – which it does, all the time! There is a difference, by the way, between planning and worrying. Planning is creating an action plan and knowing you’ve done the best you could to provide a map for yourself. Worrying is becoming imprisoned by your spinning thoughts. If you’ve inherited the worrying gene like Cindy, there are a couple of things you can do to stop wasting your time worrying and start spending more time living your life.

The first is to recognize when you’re worrying. Are you pacing, calling around to talk about the thing that hasn’t yet happen – but might, or are you sitting in your house planning for “what if?” If you can catch yourself, you can stop yourself.

The second thing is to commit to changing the inner conversation. When you catch yourself, stop and say out loud, “This is me worrying. This thing might or might not happen. My worrying will not change the outcome. I release this worry.”

The third thing is the courage to mean what you just said to yourself, out loud. This might require a second sentence like this. “I promised myself I would release this thought and I promise I’ll come back and deal with this thing IF it happens. And I am a woman of my word.”

Now on with your life, Queens. Were you able to release some worries this week.

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5 Responses to “Don’t Make Worrying Into a Hobby”

  1. Sarah Windham says:

    My new favorite worry blocker is “Worry is your imagination bringing you something you don’t want in your life.” (A paraphrase.) This is helping me in my quest for giving up the habit of always thinking of the worse case scenario.

  2. Allison Elliott says:

    I am The Queen Of The Worriers, unfortunately. I wake up worrying and I worry until I fall asleep. Someone once told me they will write on my tombstone, “She was born and then worried herself to death”. It is a horrible way to live. I try to stop but then — here it comes again. I definitely need help from my fellow Queens.

  3. Caterina says:

    Sometimes I reach out via text to a group of Womyn folk just to get the thought out of my head. They usually respond with support of a joke, comment…etc.
    Sometimes I try to take deep breaths to feel myself in my body. Then try to put focus on something that feels good!!!

  4. Teresa Draper says:

    Both of my parents were worriers and worried me into a Just don’t care anymore period which I am lucky to have outgrown. As an adult, I have had ample opportunities to worry: my teenaged daughter ran away from home several times (once for 18 months). Also I have had MS since I was 23. I am turning 56 this month, have been fighting for disability benefits for more than two years. I lost my home in a nasty divorce settlement. All that said, I absolutely have no time or sympathy for sweating the small stuff and folks who foresee every possible impending crisis. Deal with it or not, but leave the rest of the world out of it.

  5. cindy says:

    Queen Caterina, what a wonderful and supportive approach both by your friends and for yourself!

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