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Queen of Your Own Life

Enjoy | Naming and Claiming Our Royalty

by Kathy Kinney

Enjoy.  Look in the mirror and repeat after us, “I have decided to make this holiday season stress free.  I am going to spend less, give love freely and enjoy myself more.”

I am going to state the obvious – the holidays are roaring down on us like a runaway train.  I mean, geez, they’re already playing Christmas music on the Holiday Music channel.  Well, I vow to you that this year I am going to approach it all differently.

I have made the decision to come from love, let go of stress and fully enjoy the holiday season.  I am going to work hard to create an oasis of calm in my home. A place where all feel loved and treasured including me.  I truly enjoy showing my friends how much I care about them by inviting them over.  It really defeats the purpose though if I’m worrying about how clean my house is or fretting about serving them the perfect meal.

I am going to keep my gift giving simple and instead make it my goal to let all my family and friends know how much I appreciate them.  Of course there may be a person or two who is stuck in holiday judgment and looking for perfection.  All I know is it’s none of my business what they think of me or the way I choose to celebrate the holidays.  The only person I have to answer to is me.

My affirmation this season will be, “Keep it simple: spend less, give love freely and enjoy myself more.  So sayeth the Queen.”

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