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Queen of Your Own Life

Fearless | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

Fearless.  Repeat after us, “Today, without fear, I will be exactly who I am.  I will not judge myself or others.  I will enjoy the blissful freedom of being my authentic self.”

When I was younger I was always worried what people thought of me.  Another great gift of aging is that’s not one of my fears anymore.   It isn’t that I don’t care if people like me or not.  It’s that I finally have faith in who I’ve become. 

I keep it simple by never trying to be someone other than who I am.  And if, by chance, someone doesn’t like me, I don’t take it personally.  It’s not my problem anyway – it’s theirs.  I would rather spend my time having fun.  Viva la Summer!

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2 Responses to “Fearless | The Battle for You”

  1. Suzie says:

    Great post. I have a friend, an old friend, who is very judgmental and negative. I have decided that while I will not cut her out of my life, I have made some changed so that I don’t have to be subjected to it. Very freeing.

  2. mary says:

    Part of what I am learning at this late stage in life is who I am. I don’t think I really know. I think I’ve spent the biggest part of it trying to please everyone else that I just got buried. So all that negative self-talk which I so excel at I believe is coming from that spitting mad buried little girl who is finally coming out of the closet.

    I call her “The Whisperer” you call yours “The Mongol hordes” a great name by the way. She and I are learning to say nice things instead of nasty mean hurtful things. I know the more we let go of those negative words, negative thoughts, the more room we have to become the Queen that I was born to be. The Queen others tell me they see and I have always denied, So today, if I eat a piece of chocolate instead of an apple there will be no condemnation from The WHisperer. We will just enjoy it and make our minds up to do differently if we can tomorrow. We no longer have to punish ourselves by eating the whole damn box. It also doesn’t mean that I am a loser, failure, dunce, moron, etc. etc. It means that today I, the Queen chose to have a piece of chocolate. After all I am The Queen so lets hear no more about it.

    IT’s a beautiful morning here in Virginia and I Queen Mary am going to go putter with my flowers in the royal garden and enjoy the thunderstorm on its way. I hope you have something equally wonderful to do. Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Isn’t this exciting. We are all on this safari together! We are all discovering who we are and becoming what we always knew we could be. Thank you to Queen Kathy and Queen CIndy!!

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