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Queen of Your Own Life

Fighting the Good Fight |The Battle for YOU

by Kathy Kinney

When I was younger I thought if I could just get a good job and make some money it would be so much easier to be thin and healthy.  I would hire a personal trainer, join a posh gym and in no time I would be slim and glowing with health.

Well, I got a nice job, made some good money, joined a swanky gym and hired a personal trainer.  I aimed high – my trainer was one of the American Gladiators.  Her name was Ice and she was physical perfection.  When she walked through the gym everyone stepped back to let her pass and there ambling along in her wake was me.   I never did get thin or healthy.  I spent a lot of money to find out as with most things it’s all an inside job.  Even with a Goddess training you, unless you believe you’re worth it you won’t have success.  I did, however, get my own American Gladiator name – I was and am still known as Glacier.

I have always had all kinds of excuses for not pursuing what I really want which is vibrant, beautiful, shining health.  I’m not ill or in chronic pain but for years I’ve wanted to feel the joy of feeling truly healthy.  At 57 years old, I’m a bit wiser now and I know it’s a decision that I have to make.  In order to get what I want I have to put myself first – before all others.  I am committing to you right now that I am going to walk through my outdated beliefs that pursuing what I want makes me selfish.  I am going to embrace the truth, which is if I do what’s best for me I will be a better woman and I will have so much more to offer myself and others.  Let the battle begin.

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9 Responses to “Fighting the Good Fight |The Battle for YOU”

  1. Cheryl says:

    I agree Kathy! I am 50 yrs young today and this year is the start of ME. I am no longer going to allow others’ belief in me to get in my way…I am ready to do this for me! I have just found my truth once again and it has been eye opening. I will get in shape and lose the pounds so that my body will become the image of what has been in my head for years. I will use all my years of experience and wisdom to continually build upon the woman that I now see and have become and to help other women get inspired in their lives. Thank you for helping me to be Queen of my own life!!

  2. cindy says:

    Thank you Queen Cheryl. Every rallying cry for us to be the best we can be is giving us strength.

  3. Sheri says:

    Hey Glacier! You rock!! You are soooo worth it! And so am I. I feel exactly the same ways that you do. I’ve decided to fuel my fire with the work that I have left to do in this world, and the thought that if I put my physical needs first, that I can live to accomplish my dreams and be proud of what I’ve done. It alleviates that selfish feeling. Another helpful thought: it may be tremendously hard to start to exercise, but once I actually do the exercise, I always feel amazing afterwards. For me, I get all fearful that I’ll be in pain, and that may be true that day, but as I keep at it, it’s less and less true. I get fearful about food too, hate being hungry. But as you say, it’s all an inside job. Fear is a life-killer. We gotta look it in the face and give it the finger!! Many blessings of health and happiness to you, Kathy! Your creation of the Mimi character was life-changing for me. I found her sooooo inspiring!! 🙂 Hugs!

  4. Divaeva says:

    Oh Kathy and Cheryl… you ladies rock my world! I use your daily motivation to rally my marketing team each morning. I cut and paste your daily thought into a morning email and they love it. Even the one male I have on my team asked for my source of inspiration. I have always considered myself a queen, or in my case a diva… but there has always been that little schmuck on my other shoulder telling me that I wasn’t worth it or good enough – or simply that I can’t. You beautiful ladies have given me the strength and daily reminder that I am worth it… I have flicked that little schuck into oblivion! …and with the help of you wonderful ladies and my friends – he is staying there! Thank you – I love being queen! mmmwah!

  5. Divaeva says:

    Whoops…Kathy and Cindy… Cheryl – you too! *high fives*

  6. Jennifer Fulks says:

    “I am committing to you right now that I am going to walk through my outdated beliefs that pursuing what I want makes me selfish. I am going to embrace the truth, which is if I do what’s best for me I will be a better woman and I will have so much more to offer myself and others.”

    OW-OWWWWW!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!

    The thought that loving ourselves is selfish is just a STORY we tell ourselves!


    We are amazing, beautiful, strong women and it’s up to us to love ourselves and believe in ourselves and KNOW we are worth everything good we do for ourselves!!!!!


  7. My Sisterly Queens,

    It looks like you’re doing exactly what I’ve been doing the past few years, myself!
    Note: My name is Regina, Latin for Queen, so I naturally felt destined to truly be the “Queen of my own life!”

    I wished to ban the fear of abandonment, which I can thank both of my parents for bestowing upon me.

    I ferociously cling to my sense of humor and creativity that has always been there for me to lift my spirits and help me see things differently.

    After a very nasty divorce, at the age of 49, I found that “who I was” had been whittled down to something about the size of a grain of sand. One more poof of doom and disaster and I would surely cease to exist. So I embraced that tiny grain of “me” and began to look inside to see where the rest of me had taken refuge. I read a few books to help me along that path, one being Something More, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Then I began the long, and often painful, process of excavating my authentic self. I feel in love what who and what I found.

    It’s an ongoing process for me. Each day gets better, and my life has been filled with wonderful friends.

    How can I help?

    Regally yours,

  8. cindy says:

    Queen Rege, You’ve already helped just by sharing your story of strength with us. You are a gift. Thank you and we know that others who read your post will feel the same way.

  9. cindy says:

    Queen Sheri, we’re going to remember and share again and again your quote, “Fear is a life-killer.” Wow. Very, very inspiring. Thank you for being here.

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