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Queen of Your Own Life

Friendships | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

Cindy and I are both home from Costa Rica now.  We weren’t there for an official vacation, but to support a friend who was there for a “dental vacation.”  A dental vacation is when you’re not able to afford dental care in your own country so you must  go to Central America where you can get the work done for less than a third of the cost.  But I don’t want to blog about how weird life can be sometimes.  I want to write about friends, friendship and the unbeatable feeling when you know someone has your back.

When my friend told me she needed extensive dental work I was actually the one who told her to go to Costa Rica.  I knew someone else who had successfully had work done there.  After she made all of her arrangements she asked me to go with her.  Now, I’m not really a looking for termites and iguanas in the rainforest kind of woman.  I’m more of a wander the streets of European cities people watching kind of gal.  But when she asked me I didn’t even hesitate to say yes.  I’ve known this woman since we were thirteen years old and I consider her to be one of my trusted friends.  I knew she needed my support and I was willing and able to give it to her as she would give it to me.  That’s what friends are for.

I invited Cindy to come along and while were there began work on our next book.  In between root canals our friend helped us with another writing project we are working on.  Our friend got new teeth, Cindy got a sunburn and I got a great walloping gob of mosquito bites.  But we were together.  We helped each other, we laughed, had fun and met kind and wonderful people in a beautiful, humid country.   We enjoyed each others company and felt truly supported in our friendships.  There is nothing like a good and trusted friend.  They are the greatest gift.

Have you ever been called upon to have your friend’s back? Let’s inspire one another Queen.s

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2 Responses to “Friendships | The Battle for You”

  1. That is so great of you to go with your friend, support her in what must have been scary and even life changing. As a person who can not afford the new teeth I so desperately need I totally understand! You are a true angel!

  2. cindy says:

    Since this came up with our friend, I cannot tell you the number of women we’ve met who have serious dental troubles. This is an epidemic among women who’ve been unable financially to get the kind of quality care they so desperately need. Something has to be done about this. Dental health is essential as we age and problems can cause other health problems. We’re enraged that every woman doesn’t have access to the care she needs and it distresses us, Queen Stephanie, that you are struggling with this.

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