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Queen of Your Own Life

Give Yourself a Gift Today

She decided to spend the day looking for reasons to smile. It would be a gift to herself and everyone around her. - Queenisms™

She decided to spend the day looking for reasons to smile. It would be a gift to herself and everyone around her. – Queenisms™

We see exactly what we think we’ll see. When we look for pain and sorry and betrayal, that’s what we see. When we look for kindness, gratitude, sweetness, opportunity, joy and goodness, we see those things everywhere. The actress Drew Barrymore began photographing heart shaped things in nature and the more she looked for naturally occurring hearts, the more she found them until she says, she found hearts everywhere she looked. She wrote a book called Finding it in Everything, about her experiences with hearts and shared her photographs.She came away with the impression that the world is presenting hearts to us at every moment. For her, that is true because it’s what she’s looking to find. If we believe there is danger and darkness everywhere, that’s what we’ll find. Both hearts and danger exist in our world. But we can change our experience by expecting to see more goodness and less pain. We can fine tune our vision to see and experience more joy and less sorrow in the world. What will you look for today?

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3 Responses to “Give Yourself a Gift Today”

  1. Queen Kathy says:

    I love that thought, that we see what we think we see. I need to practice seeing kindness, love, joy, gratitude and all those things. I’ve had a rough few years. Maybe if I start this practice, things will be better or at least I’ll feel better….

  2. Donna Chunn says:

    Try my hardest to keep a smile! I’m a nurse, in a nursing home for twenty years! Love the Drew Barrymore thoughts! Will try the looking for hearts! Loving your thoughts and ideas! Sooo glad I came across your website

  3. Vernita says:

    Hello, I’ve, been angry for so long, that I think my face is frozen in a fron . Any way I’m going to change this situation, I’m going to smile. I’m going to look to the good in people. I use to when I was younger, Then I meet some people,still, I should have stayed doing that. Thank you so much for bringing this to mind.

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