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Queen of Your Own Life

Honoring the Past – Queenisms

Doubt Behind HerWe are the sum of all our choices and experiences, each contributing to the amazing women we become. Look forward, honoring, but not bound by, what is behind you.  Stuff happens. Good stuff and bad stuff. Every one of those experiences mix together to make us who we are. Are there experiences in your past that make you who you are today? We’ll start. We both struggled financially, had years of low self-esteem, set others up as gatekeepers to our dreams and were discouraged. But we kept (and keep) daring to see new opportunities and we’ve come to believe that we can do almost anything we set our mind to. Along the way we’ve gain weight, lost it and gained it again. One of us has come to the conclusion that alcohol is not her friend. Both of us have learned that relationships take a lot of nurturing. Both of us have come to trust that we are artists. And, we’re still learning, growing and striving every day. We are informed by our past, honor it but it no longer binds us. You?

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2 Responses to “Honoring the Past – Queenisms”

  1. Rebecca Walker says:

    Old, negatively-charged relationships. There comes a time when we have to acknowledge all our efforts are just NOT going to make things different. That’s when we put our own happiness and dreams first and remember that our lifetime is for US primarily and then whomever we can help and love as our best selves. It’s never easy, but it’s always worth it.

  2. cindy says:

    So very true Queen Rebecca. We have no control over people, places and things. We only have control over our reaction to them.

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