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Queen of Your Own Life

How Sweet It Is | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

Grocery shopping has been hard for me lately.  All of that Easter candy.  Everywhere.  At the front and back of every aisle and stacked up like a little pastel gauntlet as I attempt to get to the cash register.  Most of the time it doesn’t call to me, but when it does it screams like a banshee coming straight out of hell.  While checking out I’ve  been fantasizing about grabbing bags of chocolate eggs and stuffing them in my mouth wrappers and all.  I imagine answering the bag boy’s question of paper or plastic with a gush of chocolate oozing down my chin and bits of colorful foil stuck to my teeth.  In other words, I’ve been having some intense cravings.

So, at my friends Easter brunch I indulged with some cookies and candy and pretty much anything with sugar in it that wasn’t nailed down.  It certainly wasn’t one of my finer moments, but the truth is I don’t beat myself up anymore for a day of indulgence.  I woke yesterday,  or rather pulled myself out of the sugar coma, and just giggled at how bad I felt.  Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of how not to live my life.  Today sitting on the edge of the bed doing a quick check in with myself, I remembered my vow the other day to fill my life with hugs.  Too bad I hadn’t remembered that vow on Sunday.  Oh, well it’s never too late.

I’m off to the grocery story and looking forward to no more Easter candy.   I just wonder how the bag boy feels about being hugged?  I guess I’ll find out.

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4 Responses to “How Sweet It Is | The Battle for You”

  1. cindy lutz says:

    Hope you enjoyed your Easter brunch with friends! Sending a hug your way….Love you

  2. Elisabeth Fluellen says:

    Yesterday I actually LOOKED for the 1/2 price Easter candy. This was the first year I didn’t get a carmello Easter egg….(talk about foil on ur teeth) but then, I actually avoided the candy aisle. I will not beat myself up for the Hot Cross Bun binges I took part in. I’m back to normal, what ever that is. Thanks for letting us know, we’re more than what other people see. I know I’m a smart, giving woman, who is more than my outside shell reveals. I will keep sharing ur words of wisdom w/ my friends on Facebook. I especially share them w/ a friend who had the nerve to say she feels quilty about taking naps. This from a woman who had a heart attack in time for Christmas two years ago.

  3. I was doing ok with Easter candy, then my youngest showed up with a basket full of it. Now it is sitting in the cabinet calling my name …yes the Banshee is screaming! I was just going to write a blog on my sugar intake and how it is effecting my mood, my health and “bottom line” …I had read a post on the web site of French Women Don’t Get Fat…all about sugar…of course she named my favs as being worst culprits…cupcakes, doughnuts and cookies…oh and guess what youngest daughter also brought over on Easter…a red velvet cupcake! I can not win! Even when I do not buy or bring into the apartment it arrives to my door step! Need to learn to love myself more than the sweets!

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