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Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere.

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Queen of Your Own Life

It’s Your Life So Have Fun

It was her weekend and she decided she was going to have fun no matter what. - Queenisms™

It was her weekend and she decided she was going to have fun no matter what. – Queenisms™

As women, it seems like it’s in our DNA to care for others.   This makes it hard to claim time just for ourselves but if we don’t we often end up feeling like resentment filled drudges!  Giving ourselves the gift of time to read a book, meet a friend for lunch or do something completely new should be a priority in our lives.  This “me” time isn’t about being selfish it’s about giving your brain and body time to rejuvenate because it’s just as important to care for yourself as it is for others.

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One Response to “It’s Your Life So Have Fun”

  1. Joyce Teal says:

    This message is so appropriate for me right now. My 85 year old Mom has been moved from her independent living apartment to a nursing home. Blessedly it is in the same retirement village where she has lived for 12 years so her friends can come and visit with her. Mom is in the final stages of COPD and various lung diseases. Watching her gasp for breathe and see the toll it is taking on her is heartbreaking. We had gone out to the Tea House for my birthday in January and had a marvelous time!! However, over the next few weeks she began to fail almost weekly.
    After spending nearly every day for the 4 weeks with her before and/or after work, I decided to take last Saturday to attend my 4 year old grandson’s teeball game and spend the day with him, my daughter, and son-in-law! It was the best “medicine” I could have gotten. The love he showed me truly filled me up as my “love cup” was depleted.
    After driving nearly 3 hours and arriving at home around 11 pm, I barely had time to make a cup of tea when the phone rang to tell me Mom had fallen was disoriented, etc. I was able to talk to her on the phone, calm her down, and get her back to sleep as well as have a good conversation with the nurses and Hospice. It was after 1 am before I made another cup of tea (the first one went cold) and was able to head to bed.
    Had I not taken the time to do something for myself, I doubt I could have helped Mom and the staff care for her. Taking time for ourselves is NOT selfish! It allows us to restore ourselves so we can care for those we love!!
    PS My motto is “Never miss a good opportunity to wear a tiara!”

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