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Queen of Your Own Life

Keep | The Battle for You

by Cindy Ratzlaff

I’ve got some big dreams for the coming year.  I’m making plans, creating lists, gathering my resources and excited about the journey.  But this morning I woke up and could barely get out of bed.  I felt overwhelmed and exhausted.  I have to confess that this is a familiar feeling for me.  I challenge myself, get knee-deep in a project and then feel so swamped that I want to chuck it all and just get in the car and drive away.  I know I’m not alone because so many women tell me a similar story.

The root of that overwhelmed feeling is fear.  Fear that I don’t have what it takes to complete the project I’m dreaming about.  Fear that I won’t be good enough, smart enough, committed enough to make my dreams come true.  And, fear acts like a big boulder in the middle of my path.

Here’s my strategy for getting around that emotional boulder.  As I turn and look left and right for a way around this big rock, I’m reciting a new list in my head.  I’m going to shout out all the things I’ve accomplished so far on this journey.  These are the things I want to keep front of mind.

  • **I’ve started a new business.  It is in the black.
  • **I’ve taken two new classes that gave me new skills that will help me in the business.
  • **I’ve signed two new clients for my business.
  • **I’ve had two new outlets publish my business articles.

Just by making that list, I’m already starting to feel more powerful.  In fact, I think I see a way around that boulder after all.

Let’s share our accomplishments, big and small to inspire one another, because the truth is that no accomplishment is small.  Let’s help one another see the brilliant, brave, beautiful women we truly are.

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4 Responses to “Keep | The Battle for You”

  1. Diane says:

    Love this and much needed today! thank you for your daily inspiration!

  2. Vertrice Martin says:

    I’m trying so hard to be brave enough to combat procrastination, but I’m having a very difficult time. I really need to study for school but procrastination gets in the way.

  3. cindy says:

    Vertrice, I have this same issue. I start to feel overwhelmed when I have a task ahead of me that is hard. I’ve found that when I break it down into manageable bites, I do better. So if I have a 30 page chapter to read and take notes, I’d give myself 6 sessions of 5 pages each and take a break between each session. Does that make sense? You can do this! We’re cheering for you.

  4. cindy says:

    Thank you Diane. We’re very grateful that you are a part of the Queen community.

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