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Queen of Your Own Life

Life doesn’t have to be so hard | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

It’s our choice – life doesn’t have to be so hard.

The last day I was in Costa Rica I decided to take a walk while waiting for my friend to finish her dental work.  The dentist’s office was located in a tiny strip mall in a suburb of San Jose.  I had actually walked around the mall several times before but today, among the restaurants I saw, of all things, a scrapbooking store.  I don’t scrapbook but to kill some time I went inside to look around.   I found the above quote on a metal charm and it said so exactly what I believe that I promptly bought it.

I got an email from the friend Cindy and I had been supporting while on her dental adventure in Costa Rica.  She wanted to let me know that all of her work was done and she was back home.  She also wanted to let me know that she’d had an insight after I’d left.  She told me that she realized that the whole experience had been fun (well maybe not the drilling) but she felt very lucky to have had friends with her.  It made the whole experience more like a fun adventure and that you couldn’t ask for a better way to have a heck of a lot of dental work done.  She said that she had been asking the powers that be to help her grow through positive experiences, not just painful ones.  She felt she was ready for a new way of growing and she felt that this was a perfect example of that.  I completely agree.

There are painful experiences in life.  If we have the courage, even though afraid, to walk through them we will always find the good that inevitably comes.  And, if we have trusted friends by our side, we might even have a good time.

It’s our choice.  Life doesn’t have to be so hard.

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