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Queen of Your Own Life

List | The Battle for You

by Cindy Ratzlaff

We’ve all had those decisions to make where we sit down at the kitchen table, take a piece of paper and write “PRO” and “CON” at the top of two equal columns.  Then we think through the decision and make a list.  It’s a great tool for taking the swirling thoughts in our heads and putting them down in black and white so we can make a decision based on something more than emotion.

This same simple exercise can work as we think about happiness.  We can make the central question “What would happen if I make a commitment to myself choose to be happy?”

The “CON” side might say:

*Will have to give up negative self talk

*Will have to give up the destructiveness of self-doubt

*Will have to give up belief that I’m not “enough”

*Will have to give up notion that it’s “too late”

*Will have to give up belief that “nothing good ever happens to me”

The “PRO” side might say:

*Will be more fun to be around

*Will have more energy to play

*Will rediscover my “inner girl”

*Will really see the beauty all around me every day

*Will wake up smiling and go to bed grateful

Just making this “PRO” and “CON” list, made me smile.  After reading the “CON” side of my list, it just makes logical sense.  I’m making a commitment to choose happiness.

What would be on your “PRO” and “CON” lists if you asked yourself the same question?

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