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Queen of Your Own Life

Listen | The Battle for You

By Kathy Kinney

Listen. Take a deep breath, look in the mirror and repeat after us, “Today I will take the time to listen for my real Queen voice – the one that tells me, ‘You are worthy of all the good things life has to offer.’”

Lately, it has started happening to me a lot that I wake up with bold positive phrases front and center in my mind. Yesterday morning it was, “This is your day!” I have honestly come to believe that this is my true internal voice, the one I’ve come to call my “Queen Voice.”

It is easily distinguished from the negative voices we call the Mongol Horde by it’s bright and sunny positivity. I have learned to embrace these little vocal gifts and that’s what I did yesterday. So, even though I felt a bit silly I said out loud, much to the surprise of the cats, “This is my day!”

As so many of you know, when you work at home you never really stop working. Last week I had decided that I was going to pretend I was French and take the rest of August off. That plan hasn’t been working so well so, when I got the message, that it was my day I thought, “What the heck let’s get this party started!” I got out of bed, even though it was much earlier than I had planned to get up and waited for my next instructions. My Queen voice told me to go preheat the oven and make dinner now. So, even though it was 8:00 am I did just that. While the chicken breasts were in the oven I jumped in the shower, got dressed and made it back to the kitchen just in time to pull them out of the oven. Then my instructions were, “Zumba!” So, I headed off to my first Zumba class in a month. After I was done flinging myself around there I got in my car and I thought, “This is my day and it’s a perfect day.”

I spent the whole day keeping my mind open so I could hear my Queen voice and it was so much fun. I never felt overwhelmed or anxious nor did I question any of my actions or decisions. The best part of the day was that time seemed to be on my side. I never felt like I was chasing it but that we working together at the perfect pace. This is the way I want to live all the time. I want to hear that clear, true Queen voice everyday, all day and all night for that matter.

I know it’s possible and, as with all things, it will just require practice. Everyday all I have to do is take a deep breath, be still and listen for the truth. Underneath all of the debris of my life I will hear my Queen voice – my voice loud and clear, “I am worthy of all the good things life has to offer. I am the Queen of my own life.”

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2 Responses to “Listen | The Battle for You”

  1. Lori Smith says:

    i love the last paragrph of the LISTEN article. Profound!

  2. cindy says:

    Thank you for being here Lori and for your kind words.

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