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Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere.

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Queen of Your Own Life

Make Room for A Heck of A Lot More in Life

Let Go Of Fear

Perfectionism had a way of knocking the enjoyment right out of the holidays. She decided to send herself a reminder to keep it all in perspective. – Queenisms™

When we were younger, we feared that everyone was judging us. Some of us still struggle with that worry. But here’s a little secret. Everyone is judging themselves. Nearly every person we meet is just sure that everyone else is having an easier, happier, more organized, better life. They’re not. Everyone has some burden, seen

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or unseen. You are as capable, talented, funny, pretty, loving, and promising as you allow yourself to be. When you let go of the fear of being judged, you’re a heck of a lot more interesting and fun to be with. That sets in motion a chain reaction of giving others permission to enjoy your company too. Just by giving yourself a break, you give others a break and we think that’s pretty darned awesome.

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One Response to “Make Room for A Heck of A Lot More in Life”

  1. Crystal Miller says:

    I struggled with this for many years, it was not until I reached 40 that I stopped worrying about what others thought. I realize now it only matters what I think and what God thinks; as long as the decisions I make are for the good and make me happy. As long as I do right, and am kind to others, I have a clear conscience and I feel better about myself. I find I am a happier person and others around me are happier

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