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Queen of Your Own Life

Metamorphosis | Summer of Self

by Cindy Ratzlaff

She suddenly saw, with total clarity, the evidence that was all around her. Change was not only a natural part of life, it was the only way to reveal the true beauty within her. ~ Queenisms

There would be no butterfly without the caterpillar. What if the caterpillar didn’t “believe” she could be more? Dare to believe in the metamorphosis that is available if we have the courage to change.

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4 Responses to “Metamorphosis | Summer of Self”

  1. Thank you for this affirmation today, it was right on! I have been at a crossroads as I have just finished my bachelor’s degree, still without a “job”, my 3rd child is now graduated and also without work, and two sons left at home – wondering if I ought to just give up on the professional job search and simply put all my efforts into building my own PR business and freelance writing gigs. Sitting here this morning in the middle of the woods on a lake in Maine because a dear friend offered her space for me to enjoy for a week with my children, and I am just contemplating “what next?” Now, reading your affirmation this morning, I am realizing that the butterfly does not even think about the process of it’s transformation. Rather, the creature simply evolves into the next phase without worry about how, when, or what…it just transforms. Yes, that is how I will move forward. For now, I will enjoy the day on the lake with my children, and will be grateful for the time I have with them to enjoy nature.

  2. Jennifer Burcham says:

    This is my favorite quote and I just ordered the book!

    Kathy, I am not a big tv watcher but Drew Carey was one of the best and your character Mimi, was hysterical. They just don’t make tv like that anymore which is unfortunate. I haven’t watched a sitcom since your show and The Ellen Show went off the air. I also loved Whose Line Is It Anyway but can’t even catch that in reruns anymore.

    Great to see you here with your friend. I love what you are doing and enjoying it so much.


  3. cindy says:

    And whether you see it or not, Queen Linda, we can see the metamorphosis already in progress and it’s beautiful.

  4. cindy says:

    Queen Jennifer, you are so kind to stop by and let us know how much you liked Queen Kathy on the Drew Carey Show. She still performs with Drew in Las Vegas occasionally and is regularly on The Secret Life of the American Teenager for ABC Family. But her heart is truly in her internet project for children called Mrs. P, at http://MrsP.com, and of course, Queen of Your Own Life.

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