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Queen of Your Own Life

No more Judge-y, Judge-y | Queenisms

No more Judge-y, Judge-y | Queenismsby Kathy Kinney

She didn’t want to be judged so she decided to not judge anyone else. It made life easier and so much more fun. – Queenisms™You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating. When we judge others, we’re harming ourselves. We’re setting our thought patterns to make everyone and everything “right” or “wrong.”

When next you find yourself thinking, “She shouldn’t be eating so much,” or some such judgmental thought, see if you can turn it around and think, “My friend really has a gusto for life. She digs into her food and her experiences with such joy. How I enjoy her company.” And in thinking about her shortcomings, you’re putting yourself into a defensive mindset because you’re  sure others are judging you as harshly.

Is there a recent judgment you’ve made that could be reframed to free you from a negative mindset?

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