Queen of Your Own Life by Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff

Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere.

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Queen of Your Own Life

Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

Queenisms are trademarked, original works of digital art by Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff.

If you’re like us, when you reflect on your life so far, there are moments when you wish you’d had the courage to try something, but you didn’t. Now, you know we don’t recommend spending a lot of time steeped in regret, but we want to point out those memories so we can agree not to make any more like those. Let’s vow, right now, not to leave anything on the table as we continue on our life journey. No more “someday.” If there is something you’re longing to do or someplace you’re longing to go, then plot a map from here to there and start out on that journey. Go ahead. Be terrified. But do it anyway. What are you longing for? What are you willing to do to go there/get that?

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3 Responses to “Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain”

  1. Just what I needed to hear today – thanks!!

  2. Terri says:

    Fifteen years ago my “someday” became “the time is now”. I went back to school to turn my hobby of jewelry making into a career. Ten years ago I became self employed as a jeweler only to learn that a good portion of creating involves learning business, promotion, accounting and lots of non creating. Right now I’m taking a break from learning and doing my share of advertising and publicity for my arts group. I’m having trouble with my computer so I’m frustrated because I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. But fear not, I signed up for this because I need to learn something new and leave my comfort zone on occasion. I’m almost done with my list of people and agencies to contact and I feel pretty good to have found the courage. It didn’t hurt, there was no blood shed and I survived the lesson. No artist really wants to learn the business side of art, but it can’t be ignored. As soon as I wrap this up I can go back to creating with the knowledge that I have another tool to success! This is MY JOURNEY and I’m going to do everything I need to do to succeed.

  3. cindy says:

    Bravo Queen Terri. We love hearing about women embracing their artistic souls.

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