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Queen of Your Own Life

Odd Woman Out – Queenisms

Photo credit: © Lyubov Pimenova

Photo credit: © Lyubov Pimenova

We’re celebrating odd and delighted to be different. We’re happy for you if you are the black sheep in your family, if people think you’re eccentric or if anyone has ever told you that you are “one of a kind.” Please turn your head to the left, the right or cast your gaze behind you. Is there another woman standing all alone because people have told her she’s different? Won’t you go stand by her and tell her she’s perfect just the way she is? Will you be the agenda-free friend she and you deserve? If you have ever experienced the feeling of being on the outside looking in, you have a mission. That mission is to open the door and welcome someone else who feels the same way.

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5 Responses to “Odd Woman Out – Queenisms”

  1. Kathy says:

    This whole week of Queenisms speaks to me so loudly! I have always said I was the black sheep of the family and prided myself on being different. However this one time, I would have preferred not to be different…I had a biopsy and 90+% of these types and cases are benign….I was just diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer…small and very early detection…so I am still carrying on… being different. The Everything Will Be All Right picture and words were something I truly needed to remind me of this truth….and I will surely support all others who are different. Thanx for the encouragement

  2. Kim Wyant says:

    Hurray for this post! I’ve always felt different, like I’m marching on a path that’s running parallel to everyone else but not at all the same. When I meet someone who feels the same way, I will welcome her with open arms because only someone like her will understand me the way I deserve to be understood! I’m so glad I discovered this site!

  3. Marjorie says:

    Kathy, God Bless and you will be in my prayers!! ((((HUGS)))) for you and any of the Queens who need one today!!
    I’ve always felt like the odd woman out looking in especially when coming into a group of new women I don’t know. You know how some women come into a new group and are immediately welcomed intothe “fold” so warmly but I feel most times I am kept just outside that circle of friends for some reason. It’s not as though I walk in with a frown on my face or a keep away from me attitude. I am a warm, light hearted, friendly, funny truly caring person who wants and needs the frienship of other women. I have Fibromyalgia and could really use the love and support from other women who truly care! I live far away from my family and friends of years past and love FB for helping stay in touch with my family and reconnect with old dear friends but how do I get women to connect with me here? I’ve lived where I am now for over 15 years and I have but 3 close friends I can really talk to or be my support system. I have more male friends than female friends as they tend to accept me as I am much easier than the women. I’m in a twelve step program and find myself looking for a new sponsor all of a sudden and really don’t know who to ask because that is one of the places I have felt “on the outside looking in” . I am truly a very loving, caring person with so much to give but even my husband keeps me at arms length these days and has for a while. I feel lonely and alone most of the time lately and I hate it because that’s just not me!! Yet I rise everyday, thank God for another day and all he has blessed me with, ask for strength & wisdom for each day and to watch over and bless those that I love and some I do not even know.
    You are now on that list, Kathy!! I’ve learned a lot about myself through Queen of Your Own Life and love the weekly emails!! I need to get the book!! Thank you and Cindy for this awesome work!! You two are truly amazing!! Much Love from This Queen to another!! <3

  4. Kathy says:

    I am not that Kathy…Not Kathy Kinney…wish I could take the credit but can’t…guess maybe I need to change name or differentiate when I comment…
    Those were very kind words, just the same.
    Continue to gain strength from these weekly words of encouragement, and rising daily, thanking God for another day and all His blessings. Also, give your issues to God and don’t dwell on them. I know I do…

  5. cindy says:

    Queen Kim, we love hearing that and we’re so glad to meet you!

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