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Queen of Your Own Life

Dreams Overdue Notice | Summer of Self

by Cindy Ratzlaff

When she received the overdue noticed, she vowed to pay it immediately. ~ Queenisms™

Wouldn’t it be great to open our mail and find this overdue notice?  We all need a reminder (ourselves no less than you) to take some time to dream, relax, imagine, and replenish our imaginations and frankly our hope reserves.

We can’t all get away or create the ideal spot to do this but we can all take 5 minutes a day to stop, pause, breathe and let go of our mental “to do” lists.

Let’s vow to do that this week Queens.

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2 Responses to “Dreams Overdue Notice | Summer of Self”

  1. Kathy Kelchner says:

    All too often I get tied up in “doing”; feeling I have to be busy, and don’t take the time for some solitude and “me” time. Thank you for this reminder to just stop once in a while just for me. Not only is it o.k. to do but it is necessary.

  2. cindy says:

    Queen Kathy, I promise you that you are not alone. We all have those days, weeks, months…even years when we are so focused on the finish line that we forget there can be pleasure in the run. My new favorite phrase for myself is “good enough.” And it saves me a lot of headaches.

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