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Queen of Your Own Life

Pause to Admire Your Journey | Queenisms

Admire the Journeyby Cindy Ratzlaff

It was only when she looked behind her that she could truly appreciate how far she’d come. And she paused to admire her journey. ~ Queenisms™

When we’re in the middle of climbing to the top of a big mountain or even a small, gravel road, we can’t appreciate how difficult or impressive the task at hand really is. But when we give ourselves permission to pause, look back to view the path on which we’ve just come, the word that comes to mind for us

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is “WOW.”

Give yourself the give of pausing to look back briefly and see how strong, impressive, and tenacious you are. You are here! That’s amazing.

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One Response to “Pause to Admire Your Journey | Queenisms”

  1. bizzy says:

    I recently took a moment to do this, and the benefits of doing so were immediate and so needed. I have begun to realize that giving myself thanks is easier than being “proud” of myself. It’s a sincere way of appreciating my ability to love myself (or at least begin!). I have proven that I matter, at least to me, and will continue to express gratitude toward myself as often as I can and have reason to.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Queens!

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