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Queen of Your Own Life

Peace and Calm

She craved peace and calm so she treated herself to it. - Queenisms™

She craved peace and calm so she treated herself to it. – Queenisms™

Our theme this week seems to be simplicity. As those of you who read us regularly know, we write these inspirational messages for ourselves. This week we really needed to hear how we can choose to give ourselves the very thing we crave. No, we don’t mean chocolate cake. We mean peace and calm. We sometimes find ourselves spinning in our seats, running around like a chicken with our head cut off and fretting rather than living. So this week we want to remind ourselves that most of the spinning we’ve been doing is about deadlines we’ve imposed on ourselves, goals we wish would be accomplished faster, races we’d like to start at the finish line and other bits of nonsense. So we’re going to slow down, have another cup of herbal tea and chill out today. How about you? Is there something you’ve been doing that can really wait? Most likely, the choice is yours.

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One Response to “Peace and Calm”

  1. Denise Nawrot says:

    When I do slow down and complete the task at hand and keep my focus on that I’m much more relax and realize all will get done in due time …calmly!

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