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Queen of Your Own Life

People Aren’t Mind Readers | Queenisms

by Kathy Kinney

Very often people didn’t do what she expected of them and it made her angry. She came to realize that, because most people weren’t mind readers, she would have to speak up and make her needs known. She decided she had the courage to take care of herself. – Queenisms™

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone you loved and when you finally sit down and hash it out, you realize that they had no idea what you were thinking or what you wanted them to see?

We’ve come to realize that we have to remind ourselves regularly that we are not mind readers and neither are our friends and loved ones. The only way to be sure they understand what we mean is if we tell them. So instead of feeling unhappy when our friends or family don’t know we need support, we now let them know.  We remind ourselves to say “I love you” more often too because it’s easy to assume the other person knows but don’t they deserve to hear it too?

And when we need a friend to listen but not give advice? Then we simply say “I really need a friendly ear to just hear me out.” People can’t be the loving, supportive circle you long for if you don’t tell them what you need. People are not mind readers. Asking for support is the first step to receiving it.

Is there something you need but you haven’t let others know?  Do you have the courage to give your circle of support the opportunity to be, well, supportive?


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