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Queen of Your Own Life

Permission to Feel

Permission to Feel

She gave herself permission to feel the pain of disappointment, loss, frustration and anger that came when life threw curve balls her way. Then she got up, dried her tears and dared to find joy again. ~ Queenisms™

When we try to muscle through pain or disappointment or anger, we just feed it. Giving ourselves time to feel our frustrations helps us move past them. The key, for us, is in the moving on. Our most important tool in moving past disappointment is to tell one another, to express the distress or any feelings and get it out of our heads. Speaking it out loud to an agenda-free friend takes away the power these feelings hold over us when kept in the darkness of our thoughts. Speaking them out loud makes sure they don’t become shame, regret, or any other self-harming thoughts. We also like to physically release these feelings once we’ve acknowledged them. Sometimes we say “I put this in a bubble and I blow it away.” We mime doing so and while silly, the physical act is useful. The other think we do is “name it and claim it.” This exercise is about writing down the feelings and letting ourselves really pour it all out onto paper. Then read the paper and burn it up or put it through a shredder, saying “I release these feelings.” Words have power and you hold the control switch. Use words to control the power of emotions. Need someone to listen while you release those emotions?  We’re here.  How’s everyone feeling?

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3 Responses to “Permission to Feel”

  1. Vernita says:

    I’m going to try this, writing it down , then burn it. Every day for over 25 year, when I think
    of some disappointment, I hurry and thank God for something. I wish I could get past the
    resentment I’m going to do it today

  2. Vernita says:

    Just writing to the response, I was healed from disappointment, resentment. A scripture
    came to mind, forgive if I want to be forgiven.

  3. cindy says:

    So very true Queen Vernita.

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