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Queen of Your Own Life

Play | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

Play.  Look in the mirror and repeat after us, “I will take time today, even if for just a few minutes to play.  I need and deserve fun.”

I’m obsessed with the beautiful art and crafts magazines published by Stampington and Company. 

The images and articles never fail to inspire me and set the wheels of my imagination spinning wildly out of control.  I was pouring over Volume 7 of their HandCrafted magazine when I spotted Queen Sharon’s artistic and very fun mixed media piece.  It made me laugh and inspired me but it was Sharon’s bio at the end of the article that made me decide to contact her.  It said, “…Sharon…lives and plays creatively in her home studio… “  I thought, “That’s what I do – live and play creatively in my home studio (aka the basement room I share with a small gaggle of silverfish.*)

I try to find a few moments everyday to play and maybe create something…anything.  Sometimes I launch into a huge art project involving cardboard, glitter, my computer and a hot melt glue gun.  Other times I just doodle with a #2 pencil and a scrap of newspaper that I toss in the trash.  In the end it doesn’t matter what I make just as long as I make the time to play.  It helps me relax, blow off steam, strengthen my imagination and inspires me to lead a more creative and fun life in all areas.

Today I will take time to play.  I deserve to play and have fun.  So sayeth the Queen.

* Last time I mentioned my pals the silverfish someone told me to use solid air freshener to repel them.   I just want to say thank you because it worked.

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