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Queen of Your Own Life

Pour Yourself a Cup of Kindness | Fall in Like with You

by Cindy Ratzlaff

It had been a heck of a week. She’d done the best she could.

So when she opened her cupboard and saw it, she thought to herself, “What a wonderful way to start the day.” And she poured herself another cup of kindness. ~ Queenisms™

It seems silly, but I have a special cup that I use when I’m feeling like a need a little extra kindness.  It’s got a crown on it and reminds me that I’ve chosen to see the best in myself and to treat myself as a valuable person. Whatever it takes, having reminders in your life for those moments when it’s easy to revert to beating yourself up…those are good things.

Do you have something special or someplace special that helps you get back to feeling good about yourself?

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